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TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD In 10 Slides or Less. Characters Scout (Jean Louis) Finch – 6 years old, tomboy, narrator Jem (Jeremy) Finch – 10 years old, Scout’s.

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1 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD In 10 Slides or Less

2 Characters Scout (Jean Louis) Finch – 6 years old, tomboy, narrator Jem (Jeremy) Finch – 10 years old, Scout’s older brother Atticus Finch – Scout and Jem’s father, lawyer Dill – Scout and Jem’s friend who visits during the summer Arthur “Boo” Radley – scary guy who lives next door Tom Robinson – black man accused of raping white woman Bob Ewell – poor, low class, accuses Tom of raping daughter Mayella Mayella Ewell – poor, low class, lies for father about Tom raping her

3 Plot Setting: Maycomb County, Alabama 1930’s (Great Depression – Segregation) Hear Boo Radley’s backstory Got in with the wrong crowd and was arrested Family refused to send him to reform school and was put in courthouse basement jail Almost died from the mildew/mold Went home to recover and was never seen again Stabbed his father in the legs with scissors 1 st grade: introduced to the different kind of poor families Cunninghams – poor, but hardworking, pay back their debts in any way they can, have pride in their work, town respects family Ewells – mother is dead, father is a drunk, kids are filthy, live in the dump, town looks down on the family

4 Plot Miss Maudie: treats the kids with respect, loves her garden, befriends Jem and Scout Town becomes angry with Atticus Finch He is defending Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping Mayella Ewell Neighbors and kids are giving Atticus, Jem, and Scout a hard time about Atticus defending Tom because he is black Mrs. Dubose: old, really mean, addicted to morphine, but trying to stop. Jem destroys her flowers after she says some rude comments about Atticus – Atticus make him go to Mrs. Debuse to read to her as punishment

5 Plot Scout goes to Church with Calpurnia, their housekeeper Learn about the Black Community Most African Americans in Maycomb can’t read Their community is strong and caring No white people will hire Helen Robinson because of the court case with Tom Atticus is well respected in the community for what he is doing for Tom Before the trail there is a mob to lynch Tom Robinson Atticus stops the mob Jem learns about the reality of the community he lives in

6 Plot Trail starts Heck Tate (the Sheriff) Testimony no doctor was called Mayella was beat on the right side of her face (by a lefty) Had hand marks all round her throat No other witnesses besides Mayella, Tom, and Bob Bob Ewell’s Testimony Starts by insulting his dead wife Refers to Mayella has a farm animal Disrespectful towards judge and Atticus

7 Plot Mayella’s Testimony Says Tom raped her Asked Tom to fix a door Tom beat her with both of his hands Dad said Tom ran out door Claims Tom has been over 1 or 2 times Tom Robinson Testimony: Family man and religious His left hand does not work Has helped Mayella before with work Nothing was wrong with the door when she asked him to fix it Mayella kissed Tom Tom jumped out the window Dad came screaming and calling Mayella names Mayella told Tom she wants to kiss a man because her father kissing her doesn’t count

8 Plot Jury finds Tom guilty even though physical evidence proves that Tom could not have physically beaten and choked Mayella with both hands Tom is killed in prison when he attempted to escape Though Tom is considered guilty, he lost his job (blames Atticus) and the town looks down on him even more He harasses Helen Robinson who has finally found a new job After the Halloween pagent Jem and Scout are returning home when they hear someone walking behind them (they originally think it’s Cecil Jacobs trying to scare them) Something attacks Scout, but cuts through the mesh of her costume instead

9 Plot Scout and Jem try to run away, but Jem is caught – Scout hears a crunching sound and Jem scream. Something starts choking Scout, but she is saved Scout finds Bob Ewell’s body At home we find out Jem only has a broken arm and a bump on his head Bob Ewell is dead with a knife sticking out of his ribs Realizes that Bob Ewell tried to stab her, but the costume stopped the knife Boo Radley saved her and Jem from Bob Ewell and killed him Heck Tate declares the death accidental to protect Boo

10 Themes Coming of Age: At the start of the novel Jem and Scout are both innocent children and know what is good and what is evil. At the end of the novel they learn that anyone can be good or evil (or both!) and they have lost their innocence. They also have to come to terms that the some of the people they know and the area they have grown up in have racists views and these views have a negative impact on innocent parties Prejudice: Atticus believes that everyone should be treated with respect regardless of race or social class and teaches these morals to his children. Many of their neighbors do not respect Atticus for his views and Scout and Jem must learn to deal with the verbal abuse of their neighbors due to their father representing a black man in court.

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