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Welcome to Metonga Lake!

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1 Welcome to Metonga Lake!

2 What is Smart Prevention? Prevention is an important strategy Smart prevention uses science for directing management resources more effectively

3 Acknowledgements

4 Role Playing Games Commonly used for teambuilding efforts, communication improvements, employee motivation Also often used as an interactive teaching and learning technique

5 Workshop Overview Goals: –Gain better understanding of how management decisions about AIS are made –Learn about problem solving –Increase understanding of differences between stakeholder groups

6 Workshop Schedule Introduction Assign characters/divide groups Scenario and group planning Break Group reports Future directions Questions, discussion and wrap up


8 Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab



11 Scenario Event

12 Scenario Goal Develop a strategy for addressing the growing concern for zebra mussels. The local community has $20,000 to spend on zebra mussel prevention. Allocate these funds across the Metonga Lake area.

13 Prevention Options Signs at boat landings Construction of a Clean Boat station Volunteer watercraft inspectors Paid watercraft inspectors Lake restrictions “Bio Bullets” Each of these have assigned costs.

14 Scenario Characters You will receive basic information about your character. You may choose when to share information about your character. Please have fun, but do your best to make decisions based on your character info.

15 Thoughts before we begin… There is no correct answer. This involves some realistic choices, but it is not real. We can help answer questions but we are not here to guide the discussion. Groups will share their decision at the end.

16 Scenario: Getting started Introduce your characters Select a group spokesperson Discuss your options Form a plan

17 Scenario: Wrapping up Fill out one green form per group. Decide which options your group will use, and where each option will be used.

18 Please form groups by LETTER

19 Break

20 Group Reports


22 AIS Smart prevention: a framework

23 Questions?

24 Thank you for coming! Your name and affiliation

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