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Alexander Ottmár – Slovak painter

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1 Alexander Ottmár – Slovak painter

2 Alexander Ottmár was born in 1964 in Želiezovce in Levice district.
In his early childhood he had the art talent and his mother says: „He could not walk but he was drawing pictures on the walls of our flat.“ As a schoolboy he was attending the private classes art school. As 12-year-old boy he had private art classes, he was winning different art competitions. Nowadays he is a member of more international art associations he is an art leader of the two art camps at home and in Hungary, too.

3 Alexander Ottmár´s work
Modrá He has been devoting himself to art work as the only resource of living, last 10 years. He is a figurist and in his work he searches the deapthe of a human soul. nádej Painting is not only his hobby, but also the life necessity. „Even if I do not touch the paintbrush, I paint in my own head.“ In the bath

4 Exhibitions Ottmán has had the exhibitions in many European countries, his pictures are the component of collections of several world galleries. He is the author of several book illustrations and covers. He is famous in 10 states of Europe. He has taken part in many exhibitions in 5 states of the EU.

5 Art technique of A. Ottmár
He uses different art techniques – oil paint, tempera and acrylic, pastel and drawings with the ink drawing. He is famous as a figurist and he paints his figures in different life situations where he shows their inner life and their soul.

6 Art activities He is an organizer and instructor of home and international creative camps and a member of the Fund of fine Art. He takes part in many activities of the regional, national and international art associations and syndicates.

7 Business Academy, Levice, Slovakia
Prepared by Marianna Kupčihová Business Academy, Levice, Slovakia

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