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Assuring Health Reform Meets the Needs of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

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1 Assuring Health Reform Meets the Needs of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

2 2

3 Implementing Health Reform: Big Picture Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Approximately 9 million children and 12 million women of reproductive age gain coverage in 2014 Insurance reforms (potentially) provide new protections, particularly for CYSHCN. Expands and strengthens coverage of clinical preventive services. 3 Coverage BenefitsSystems

4 Expands Medicaid to all under 133% of poverty. (2014) Preserves Medicaid & CHIP coverage for children above 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). (through 2019) Creates state-based Health Insurance Exchanges to provide coverage and provides tax credits to help people with income up to 400% of FPL. (2014) Coverage Basics 4

5 Preserves and Enhances Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility Simplification Coordination between Medicaid, CHIP and the Exchanges in determining eligibility Maintenance of Effort Primary Care Rate Increases Hospice Care 5

6 6 Health Insurance Exchanges

7 Health Insurance Exchanges Specifics Exchange Governing Board Stakeholder Consultation Enrollment Navigator Treatment of Direct Primary Care Medical Home 7

8 8 Grandfathered vs New Health Plans: What Does this Mean?

9 9 New PlansGrandfathered Plans Lifetime Limits: Prohibits lifetime maximum caps GroupIndividualGroupIndividual XXXX Annual Limits: Restricts annual maximum benefits for certain services XXX Children Pre Existing Condition: Prohibits pre-existing condition waiting periods for children under 19 XXX Dependent Age: Requires allowing dependent coverage up to age 26 XXXX Preventative Care: Provides coverage for defined preventative care services XX Health Insurance Reforms

10 Essential Health Benefits Package Plans in the Exchange (Sec. 1302) ambulatory services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity & newborn care, mental health & substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment, prescription drugs, rehabilitative & habilitative services and devices,. laboratory services, preventive & wellness services and chronic disease management, and pediatric services, including oral and vision care.* * Details TBD in regulation. 10

11 11 Health Homes In Medicaid (Sec. 2703) CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Pediatric Accountable Care Demonstration Project Promoting Medical Homes and Integrated Systems

12 12 Family to Family Health Information Centers

13 Calls for a national quality improvement strategy. Requires development of voluntary adult Medicaid quality measures. Requires enhanced collection and reporting of data on race, ethnicity, sex, primary language, disability status, and for underserved rural and frontier populations. Requires collection of access and treatment data for people with disabilities. (Effective two years following enactment). Quality 13

14 Will health reform address underinsurance? Will the benefits offered through the Health Insurance Exchanges be comprehensive enough to meet the unique needs of CYSCHN? Keep families and family-centered care at core of decisions. Help families navigate evolving system and new exchanges. Demonstrate value to Medicaid and Insurance partners. Key Challenges 14

15 Implications for State MCH Leaders Partner with Medicaid and other stakeholders to assure that health system reforms address the unique needs of CYSCHN. Assure that State Plan Amendments for the State Medicaid Health Home Option (Section 2703 of ACA) consider and include CYSHCN and that efforts to advance medical home are coordinated with state Title V MCH Program efforts. Use the flexibility of the Title V MCH Services Block Grant to support shared resources (e.g., care coordination, statewide toll-free hotlines, technical assistance, family engagement) in primary care settings and as part of overall systems development for CYSHCN. Engage family leaders in developing and improving comprehensive systems of care. Partner with Medicaid and other stakeholders in the use of state data sources (e.g., Medicaid claims data, state Title V program performance measures, public health data) for quality assurance and improvement efforts. 15

16 16 Future of Health Reform? Is the Medicaid expansion constitutional? Is the individual mandate constitutional?

17 WWW.AMCHP.ORG Resources

18 Public Law 111-148, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: AMCHP Health Reform Hub: reform/Pages/default.aspx reform/Pages/default.aspx Georgetown Center for Children and Families: Summary of Medicaid, CHIP, and Low-Income Provisions in Health Care Reform at Kaiser Family Foundation: Summary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at The Commonwealth Fund: Health Reform Resources at: Sources and Additional Resources 18

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