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Analogies What are they?.

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1 Analogies What are they?

2 An Analogy shows the relationship between a pair of words.
An analogy is set up like this: A:B::C:D The relationship between A and B is the same as the relationship between C and D. For Example: calf : cow :: chick: hen (a calf is a baby cow and a chick is a baby hen)

3 A trick to solving an Analogy is to create a sentence that states the relationship between the first pair of words. Example: Wealthy : poor:: selfish : _______________________ A. rich B. greedy C. generous D. needy If a person is wealthy, he is not poor. Use the same sentence for the second part of the analogy. If a person is selfish, he is not ___________. C is the answer. If a person is selfish, he is not generous.

4 Sometimes only one word in an analogy is missing and you must choose the missing word.
shatter : break:: mend : ___________. A. repair B. drop C. place D. broken Remember to think of a sentence to help you find the relationship between the words. If you shatter something you break it. If you mend something you _________ it.

5 On some tests a pair of words in an analogy is missing.
Steal : take :: A. cheat: robber B. beg: donate C. give: supply D. reject: accept You would still write or think of a sentence for the pair of words that are given to find the pair of words that are missing. If you steal something you take it. If you give something you supply it. The answer would be C.

6 Don’t pick the one that seems right. Read all of your choices.
Be sure to create a sentence to use the words in the order they are given. Don’t pick the one that seems right. Read all of your choices. The words that make up the two pairs of words in an analogy should be matching parts of speech. Example: King: wealthy:: peasant: A. queen B. poverty C. rich D. poor Wealthy is an adjective so your answer should also be an adjective. Poor is an adjective so that will be you’re answer.

7 Think of a sentence to describe the relationship between the pairs of words in these analogies. wallet : money :: bookbag: books A wallet is used to carry money. A bookbag is used to carry books.

8 Example: coat : clothing :: pizza: food
A coat is a type of clothing. Pizza is a type of food. Example: pen : write :: scissors: cut I use a pen to write. I use scissors to cut.

9 Try it when a pair of words are missing?
Lead is to follow :: A. show: guide B. walk: go C. school: teach D. give: take If I lead I do not follow. If I give I do not take.

10 Don’t get stuck on looking for just one kind of relationship.
Analogies can be: Synonyms- words with the same meaning Example: crabby : cranky :: boring : dull Antonyms- opposites Example: afraid: brave:: kind : cruel Cause and Effect: A cause make something happen Example: raindrops: flood :: snowflakes :blizzard Whole to part identify a whole and than a part of it Example: duck: feathers:: rabbit: fur

11 Purpose – an item and its purpose.
Example: broom: sweep:: saddle: ride Action to Object – an item used to do something. Example: write: pencil :: dry: towel Place to Place: the relationship between two places. Example: Phoenix : Arizona :: Des Moines: Iowa

12 Association: words that are closely related.
Example: baseball: homerun :: football: A. pin B. touchdown C. ball D. sport Sequence: things that happen in order Example: toddle : walk :: babble : A. scoot B. crawl C. stumble D. talk

13 Characteristics- an item and a characteristic of it.
Example: comedy: funny :: tragedy: A. play B. stage C. laughter D. sad Degree – a comparison of two things Example: Look: stare:: frown: A. scowl B. lips C. wink D. speak

14 Measurement- time, weight, lbs, etc.
Example: year: month:: month: day Worker to tool – relates workers to their tools Example: farmer: plow:: blacksmith: anvil Location to Object - a location and something found in that location Example: kitchen: stove :: bedroom: bed Categories: items and the category they belong in Example: Human: mammal: : crow: bird

15 Let’s try some!

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