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War of 1812.

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1 War of 1812

2 War in Europe- During Jefferson 2nd Term
A. Britain and France at War again France- Napoleon stops British goods from continent Britain- Great Britain blockades Europe.

3 B. Both sides seizing U.S. ships
1. British start impressments- seizing Americans at sea and drafting them into the British navy. Embargo of Jefferson convinces Congress to embargo all products to Europe. This policy ends up being a disaster.

4 Indian War- 1809-1811 A. Tecumseh Confederacy
William Henry Harrison- General and Governor of Indiana Signs treaty with some Indians and buys 3 million acres of land. 2. Not all Indians agree- Tecumseh Indian Chief believes Indians should unite to fight the U.S.

5 3. Indians are being supplied by the British and British Canada.
4. Battle of Tippecanoe- Harrison defeats Tecumseh’s forces in 1811 B. When word spreads that Indians are being supplied by the British, some in congress known as “War Hawks” want to invade Canada.

6 War Hawks Political Cartoon

7 War of 1812 A. Democratic Republican James Madison wins election of 1808 1. By 1812 Madison has decided to go to war against the British. -June 1812-U.S. declares war on Great Britain

8 The War 1. British invade N.W. and capture Detroit – US forces fail to take Montreal – American Navy on Lake Erie score a big victory against British Navy. US forces recapture Detroit 3. British blockades East Coast of US (Page 204) By 1813 US is going broke – British raid along East coast invade VA and Maryland

9 March 24, 1814 – British forces push US forces outside of Washington D
*March 24, 1814 – British forces push US forces outside of Washington D.C. – Capture capital and burn down the White House 1814 General Andrew Jackson, with help of Cherokee, wins battle against Creek Indians who were supplied by Britain

10 Continued…. Battle of Baltimore- Sept 1814 – British march to take Fort McHenry, fort bombed all night. The fort does not fall. Witnessed by Francis Scott Key who would write the “Star Spangled Banner” in honor of this battle. “The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…..oh say…”

11 Treaty of Ghent- Dec 24, 1814 Declared an Armistice – end of fighting
British out of US Territory (NW) Word would not reach Andrew Jackson – January 8, 1815 – Battle of New Orleans. Great American victory over British. Jackson becomes a National Hero.

12 Treaties after the war 1815 – re-opened trade between Britain and America 1817- Limited the number of War ships on Great Lakes 1818- British and Americans agree on the 49th parallel as boundary between U.S. and British Canada, up to Rocky Mountains. Oregon territory will be occupied by BOTH countries.

13 3 things you learned… 1. 2. 3.

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