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Ms. Melissa Smith Science Department Chair

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1 Ms. Melissa Smith Science Department Chair

2 Science Graduation Requirements Biology* Physical Science* OR Physics (Credit from 8 th grade Advanced Physical Science DOES meet this requirement) 2 other Science Courses, such as: AP Biology IB Biology SL/HL Chemistry Honors Chemistry AP Chemistry IB Chemistry SL Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics C IB Physics SL/HL AP Environmental Science Environmental Science* Earth Systems* Anatomy and Physiology Forensics Scientific Research 3/4 *ALL science courses at SFHS meet HOPE Rigor Requirements EXCEPT Biology (on level or honors), Physical Science, Earth Systems, and Environmental Science

3 On-Level vs. Honors Biology On-Level Biology Honors Biology Meets or Does Not Meet on 7 th grade life science CRCT Scheduled to take Coordinate Algebra in high school Exceeds on 7 th grade life science CRCT Successful in 8 th grade Advanced Physical Science – no test retakes! Classroom performance is routinely superior Strong study habits Scheduled to take Accelerated math in high school Above average maturity Strong interest in taking AP/IB Biology

4 If you were not recommended for Honors Biology, you WILL: be able to take advanced science classes if you successfully complete chemistry. be able to get into a competitive college. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to take all honors/AP/IB classes to get into college. It looks much better if you excel in an on-level class than if you barely pass (or fail) an advanced class! be prepared for the End of Course exam. have dedicated, knowledgeable science teachers who are some of the best in the state.

5 Important Reminder Students who waive teacher recommendation into Honors Biology historically do not perform as well as those recommended for the course.

6 Students are NOT required to take Accelerated Math courses to meet the prerequisites for AP science courses. However, success in AP and IB science courses requires a demonstration of proficiency in an honors-level course prior to enrollment. Math abilities are extremely important in Chemistry and Physics classes.

7 The Biology Curriculum 1 st Semester 2 nd Semester Introduction to Biology and the Scientific Method Biochemistry Cells and Cellular Processes Energetics – Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Mitosis and Meiosis DNA and DNA Processes Genetics Evolution Classification of Life Ecology

8 Biology Textbook McDougal Littell Biology by Stephen Nowicki (2008 – Georgia edition) Class sets of textbooks are utilized in the classroom Additional resources provided by teachers on itsLearning

9 Grading Policies Final grades are calculated as follows: Course work – 80% 50% 1 st semester 50% 2 nd semester Biology End of Course Test – 20%

10 Strategies for Success Small increments of time daily are valuable Be proactive and attend help sessions Flash cards for key vocabulary Keep all returned/graded papers through the end of year for EOCT review Note-taking: thorough and interactive (highlight/underline key terms as you go) Use agendas Complete all class/homework assignments on a regular basis – formative work DOES impact grades!

11 Questions? If you have questions after Freshman Festival, you can email the science department chair. Melissa Smith –

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