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Formal Inquiry into the human rights of older people receiving home-based care in England.

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1 Formal Inquiry into the human rights of older people receiving home-based care in England

2 1/30/20142 Nature of social care is changing rapidly with an increasing number of care transactions likely to take place at the margins of, or even outside of, regulated care. Much home based care is of a highly personal and sensitive nature and delivered behind closed doors. Most of the attention has been on human rights in institutional settings. Evidence of potential risks to older peoples human rights – more often due to lack of awareness rather than deliberate neglect. Background

3 1/30/20143 Under Section 3 of the Equality Act 2006, the Commission is using its powers to conduct an Inquiry into older people and human rights in home based (not residential homes) care and support. We are looking to gather positive and less satisfactory experiences from older people, their carers and friends/family in order to gauge a picture of the quality of care in relation to human rights. A report will then be submitted to government to influence the Independent Commission on social care reform. Inquiry

4 1/30/20144 The Commission is looking for evidence from individuals, carers and organisations representing older people (age 65 plus). We are gathering experiences to find out: * if homecare services promote the dignity and independence of older people. * how people's home and family life is respected. This includes ensuring correspondence and personal information is kept private. * if people are provided with information with which to make an informed choice about their care. * if people are listened to and have their opinions acknowledged, accepted and acted on. What we are looking for

5 1/30/20145 Type of care and support Examples include assistance with: Washing, bathing and getting dressed Meal preparation Laundry and housework Attending day activities Shopping Medication

6 6 Timeline Core evidence gathering 10th Nov 2010 – 4 th Feb 2011 Interviews with older people and families December – March 2011 Good practice case studies and analysis April – July 2011 Findings and recommendations December 2011

7 1/30/20147 How do I find out more? All information including the Call for Evidence and Terms of Reference will be published on the Commissions website and available from our Helpline to order from 10 th November: Please note that the Commission will ensure all information we refer to in our final report is anonymous unless the individual/organisation consents to being identified. Queries should be directed to: Telephone: 08456 046 610 Textphone: 08456 046 620 Homecare Inquiry Equality and Human Rights Commission FREEPOST RRLL-GHUX-CTRX Arndale House, Arndale Centre Manchester, M4 3AQ

8 1/30/20148 End of Presentation

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