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Imperialism in North Africa.

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1 Imperialism in North Africa

2 North Africa North Africa Coast is made up of 4 Muslim States: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Libya and Egypt.

3 Algeria Home of the Barbary Pirates
~ French complain about the Barbary Pirates.

4 Algeria The Algerian Ruler hits the French Consul with a fly swatter.
Becomes a national insult to the French and they use it as an excuse to move troops into Algeria.

5 Algeria Pirates raid and sink merchant ships and give France an excuse to intervene.

6 Algeria France invades Algeria to stop pirates and finds rich land; export farm products, wine and meat.

7 Algeria French take over the best land and develop businesses on the Mediterranean.

8 Morocco Very strategic location Control the Straits of Gibraltar
Open to the Mediterranean


10 Morocco Good for Trade Re-supply Ships Time of War Western border to
Algeria France also takes control of Morocco

11 Competition European rivalries flared in North Africa because of the strategic importance of the countries on the Mediterranean and proximity to Europe. France calls a conference in Algiers with other powers to determine protectorates.

12 Algiers Conference Spain ----- Spanish Morocco
France Algeria, Tunisia Italy Libya Britain Egypt, Cyprus, Sudan Germany Gets Nothing, gets really upset until France gives them Southwest Africa

13 Tunisia Poor backward nation
The leader constantly borrows money and is always in debt. Britain and France both interested in Tunisia They strike a deal and France gets Tunisia, Britain gets island of Cyprus

14 Tunisia Tunisia situation brings out 2 characteristics of Imperialism:
1. Dangerous rivalry among European Powers 2. Using “loans” and “incidents” to justify adding territories

15 Tunisia The Suez Canal is sold by Egypt to the British because the Egyptians needed money. The Suez Canal gave the British a short cut for trade from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea in order to reach India faster.

16 Suez Canal This short cut gives the British a huge advantage over other European powers.

17 Sub-Sahara Africa

18 Belgian Congo Explored by Henry Stanley (British Reporter/Explorer)
Discovers Dr. David Livingstone in the jungle

19 Belgian Congo King Leopold II of Belgium annexed this territory as his personal property because he dreamed of controlling a vast African Empire

20 Belgian Congo Stanley signed treaties with the natives for small gifts, tricking them into giving up their territories to Belgium. When they refused he imposed brutal force to get his way.

21 Belgian Congo The most valuable resource in the Congo was rubber plants. These plants were harvested on large plantations and sent back to Europe to be used in factories.

22 Belgian Congo The Belgians set unrealistic quotas for rubber in the Congo. If the Africans were caught stealing, trying to escape or missed their quotas they would have their hands chopped off.


24 Belgian Congo Belgian Government took control in 1908 because of Leopold’s cruel treatment of the natives

25 Union of South Africa

26 Union of South Africa First settled by the Dutch called “Boers”
in 1632

27 Boers Similar to American pioneers  moved inland in covered wagons
Known as the “Great Trek”

28 Boers Fought against the Zulu tribesmen instead of Indians

29 Boers After gold and diamonds were discovered the British wanted the territory

30 Boer War The Boer War was significant because it was one of the first European wars fought in separate country and with modern weapons.

31 Boer War The British prevailed in the Boer War and took control of South Africa.

32 Cecil Rhodes British Imperialist who became the Prime Minister of the Colony of South Africa. He had a grand plan for British empire throughout the world.

33 Cecil Rhodes Cecil Rhodes – British Imperialist believed that Britain should control all of Africa “From Cairo to Capetown” He planned to build a railroad across the continent.

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