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Imperialists Divide Africa

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1 Imperialists Divide Africa
Motives, Forces and Colonization

2 Terms Imperialism The takeover of a country or territory by a stronger nation with the intent of dominating the political, economic, and social life of the conquered people.

3 Terms: Geopolitics Foreign policy based on the strategic location or resources & products of other lands.

4 Terms Social Darwinism
Herbert Spencer’s version of Darwin’s biological “survival of the fittest” theory applied to social change. The “fittest” enjoy wealth and social success and are “superior” to others. Non-Europeans are on a lower scale because they do not have the technology to compete.


6 Terms Racism The belief that one’s race is superior to another. Race is a false social construct to justify imperialist actions.

7 The Motives Economic competition for markets & raw materials
National pride Racism-The belief in Anglo-Saxon superiority Religious zeal-the desire to “Christianize” and “civilize” non-European peoples

8 European Technological Advantages Over Africans
Superior weapons Railroads, cables, & steamships Quinine to protect from malaria

9 African Vulnerability to European Imperialists
Africans’ great diversity of languages and cultures Ethnic rivalries among African tribes Primitive technology and weapons

10 The Colonization of Africa

11 Berlin Conference, 1884 & 1885 An agreement was made by 14 European nations about how to divide the continent of Africa among them. Britain dominated the conference. African ethnic and linguistic groups were arbitrarily distributed among European nations No African leader invited. Only Liberia & Ethiopia remained free (Map, pg. 343)

12 Three Groups Clash Over South African Territory
Zulus led by Shaka have a highly disciplined and organized military and a centralized state that is defeated by the British by 1887. During the l830s the Boers (Dutch settlers & their descendents) war against the British who force the Boers to move north (Great Trek). Boers go up against the Zulus

13 Groups (cont.) 1860s & 1880s gold and diamond mines are discovered. Boers go to war against the British (Boer wars). British win

14 Final Outcome By 1902 Boer colonies join together as Union of South Africa under British control.

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