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Ideas worth spreading Erasmus +/ Leadership training funds Academy 20142014.

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1 Ideas worth spreading Erasmus +/ Leadership training funds Academy 20142014

2 WHAT IS IT? The new European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. It replaces 7 former EU programmes in these sectors (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, etc.) Overall budget € 14,7 billion = 40% increase from previous programmes Youth chapter is 10% of total budget (€ 1,5 billion) Annual budget will significantly increase from 2016-2017


4 BACKGROUND Adopted in Nov 2013 by EU Parliament, Dec 2013 by Member States Economic crisis Societal crisis (intolerance, decreased well-being and autonomy) High youth unemployment rate in Europe Skills gap (6 mln young people unemployed but over 2 mln vacancies!) Contributes to European Union Policy: Europe 2020, EU Strategy for Youth, Renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018)

5 AIMS and CARACTERISTICS Improving skills and employability Supporting the modernisation of education, training and youth systems Develop cooperation between different sectors and with the world of work, especially with companies Simplification of application rules and procedures European added value Increased focus on results and impact of projects supported

6 YOUTH CHAPTER Improve key competences and skills of young people Promote participation in democratic life in Europe Promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, solidarity Improve quality in youth work, through cooperation between organisations Complement policy reforms at local, regional and national level. Support the development of knowledge and evidence-based youth policy and the recognition of non-formal and informal learning Enhance international dimension of youth activities

7 ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES Programme Countries: can fully take part 28 EU Member States + Non EU Programme Countries (FYROM, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey Partner Countries: can take part in certain Actions Other Partner Countries: Actions with broader geographical scope

8 WHAT STRUCTURE? Programme Guide 3 SECTORS: Education/Training, Youth, Sport 3 KEY ACTIONS (same for Education/Training and Youth) KA 1: Mobility of Individuals KA 2: Cooperation for the Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices KA 3: Support for Policy Reforms


10 KA 1: Mobility of Individuals Youth Exchanges European Voluntary Service Mobility and training of youth workers Programme Countries and Neighbouring Countries Apply to National Agencies

11 KA 2: Cooperation for the Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships between education/training or youth organisations and other relevant actors to promote innovative practices exchange Opportunities to develop projects with corporate sector and other actors

12 KA 3: Support for Policy Reforms Structured Dialogue: Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth National meetings and transnational seminars offering space for information, debate, active participation of young people on issues relevant to Structured Dialogue or EU Youth Strategy Meetings and seminars, information events, debates between young people and decision-makers/youth experts around participation in democratic life Consultation of young people to find out their needs on participation in democratic life

13 DEADLINES? 3 deadlines in 2015: -4st of February -30 th of April -1 st of October

14 Need support to develop an application, find European partners? Difficulties with your national agency? Your feedback are needed for the improvement of the programme. Contact Marguerite Potard

15 Leadership Training Fund For WOSM and WAGGGs NSOs and Mos (Europe and Eurasia) For leadership training activities done in Partnership with an other Country Co-funding is needed More information here: http://www.europak- And here: unding%20Opportunities_EN.pdf Fundraising Network Meeting 16-18 June 2014

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