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The Wonderful World of Weebly. Contents What is a Weebly? How to plan a Weebly Site Goals Task details Access Link Step by Step.

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1 The Wonderful World of Weebly

2 Contents What is a Weebly? How to plan a Weebly Site Goals Task details Access Link Step by Step

3 Our approach

4 What is a Weebly? Weebly is a free website creation tool It uses a similar concept to how you would create a PowerPoint presentation i.e.: there are a number of existing styles to choose from There are different formats of text you can use You can insert pictures, maps, graphs, multimedia You can choose different fonts, colours and sizes

5 Our approach

6 Project criteria Create a Weebly website using the student login details provided 5-6 pages only (you can do more if you feel its important) Title, Text and image on each page Min. 1 page should have multimedia embedded Min 1 page should have hyperlinks to an external site Information text should be relevant and interesting Images used should relate to the page title and information provided Appropriate language and images only should be used Good design criteria to be applied – see web links provided for further detail on this dot point

7 Ideas for your website A friends business A site for your favourite band Good places to go for a holiday A topic you are really interested in such as cars, food, clothes Gaming Pets Favourite book Community activity e.g. church, fund raising How to create a cool website!!

8 Our approach

9 How to create good Site Goals Getting clear on why you are starting your site and what you want to accomplish is an important first step to starting your site. The number one reason why people don’t finish their site is because they don’t have a clear vision of what they want to create… Take a step back and think through your main site goals and write them down.

10 My Site Planner I'm Starting a Site For... Examples: a dog walking service My Site Goals... Win new dog walking business Provide info about services & pricing Keep in touch with clients by providing dog care tips Information I Want To Include On My Site... Complete list of my services & pricing Information about me, why I started the business What makes me different from other dog walking services Photos of happy dogs and customers Dog care tips A way to contact me Links to my social media

11 Our approach

12 Getting Some Ideas on design What do you like on a website? I prefer to see a menu bar across the top of the page, not down the sides What do other websites do well that you like? Have a search facility for their website so I can easily find the information I want What don’t you like to see on websites? I don’t like it when the information has to be scrolled down the page for pages and pages

13 Good and Bad website design The worlds worst web site ever – and they seem to be proud of it! The worlds worst web site ever From all my faves website : the

14 Have a look around the web On the worksheet “Design Do's and Don'ts” complete a list of style ideas that are good for you to use on your website Also make a list of those you don’t like as a reminder of what not to do

15 Our approach

16 Name Your website Think of a cool, easy to remember name …. or ……..think of a completely cheesy one and people will remember it in spite of themselves like…… Study is my buddy

17 How many pages? Start with 3-5 Core Pages Begin with the most important pages first, you can always add more later 6 or less ensures your site is clean and easy to navigate.

18 Say what??!!! Make sure you call your pages something meaningful to the customer or viewer They are the main navigation menu for your site and should allow visitors to easily find what they are looking for. Home Contact Us About my product / service

19 Our approach

20 You Need Pictures….

21 Our approach

22 What to say next Keep it short Keep it sweet Keep it clean Use dot points, not blocks of text Write so that even a child could understand what you are saying

23 Spell it Properly Write it as you would like it remembered!!!

24 And finally!!

25 Our approach

26 Common Questions About Using Weebly Is my site visible to the public? Yes it is Can you (the teacher) edit any of my information? Yes I can, but no I wont, unless its an emergency Can I change my password? Yes you can, I recommend it. If you forget it, please contact me and I will reset it for you Can I work on this site from home? Yes you can. You can login from any PC or Mac using your login details

27 Lets Create a Website Go to

28 Logging In Type in the name & password provided Type your password

29 Selecting a theme Change your theme Change your background

30 Front page splash Now you can start adding text and images and structure

31 Adding pages Now you can start adding the pages that you outlined on your story board To change the order of the pages drag and drop the tabs

32 Our approach

33 Check your links Always check your hyperlinks work in various browsers Safari, IE,Mozilla and Chrome all behave differently Fonts can also look different in the different browsers depending on whether you are using a PC or a MAC

34 Ta Dah – Your Finished Website

35 And finally…. Every time you make a change to a web page – click publish. This ensures: All changes are saved The changes are visible on your public website Remember to use the refresh key on your Weebly website to make sure you can see the changes you have recently made

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