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Excel: Introduction Microsoft Office 200 7. XLS X 1.

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1 Excel: Introduction Microsoft Office 200 7. XLS X 1

2 TEMPLATES Click on the OFFICE button  NEW  A list of templates appear (pre-created workbooks that can be reused and include formulas and formatting ) 2

3 KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS & VIEWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: – Hold down the: ALT key – Letters will appear – Key in the ALT + letter Numbers will appear: ALT + number VIEWS: Bottom-right; on taskbar Page Break Preview Page Layout View – Headers, footers, margins, orientation, scaling 3 Works in ALL MS OFFICE PROGRAMS

4 NAVIGATING THROUGH SHEETS right-click the tabs navigation buttons and a floating list of all the worksheets in the workbook will appear – It’s especially useful when sheet names are long. CTRL+PageUp activates the previous sheet in your workbook, while CTRL+PageDown activates the next one. 4

5 Formatting 5

6 FORMAT CELLS Right-click a cell > FORMAT CELLS Can also right-click a cell > and select the options from the mini-toolbar 6

7 ALIGNMENT & HEADER ROWS/COLUMNS Center and Merge – HOME tab > ALIGNMENT group > PAGE LAYOUT tab > PAGE SETUP group, > PRINT TITLES > SHEET tab – Rows and/or Columns to Repeat at top/left 7

8 AUTOMATICALLY formatting cells whose cell values is…. HOME tab > STYLES group > drop-down arrow i.e. HIGHLIGHT CELLS RULES > GREATER THAN Key in value Select the type of FORMATTING you would like from the list, or select: CUSTOM FORMAT 8

9 FORMATTING & misc. RENAMING WORKSHEETS Cell styles: HOME tab > STYLES group > Format number style Format Painter HOME tab > FONT group BORDERS AND SHADING Autofill/Fill Handle REVIEW tab > SPELLING Autofit columns and rows 9

10 NUMBER FORMATS Right- click the cell > FORMAT CELLS > NUMBER tab, select: CUSTOM> at the bottom of the list A ? Question mark, represents 1 alpha- numeric character An * Asterisk represents multiple alpha- numeric characters # represents a value 10

11 DATA BARS HOME tab; STYLES group Applies formats based on the values in cells DATA BARS: – Conditional formatting tool – Alternative to charting data when you want to highlight patterns & trends, and you don’t need a chart 11

12 CONDITIONAL FORMATTING ICON SETS: HOME tab; STYLES group – Symbols to represent different values – i.e. top 1/3 of the group represented by the green check mark – Values in the middle represented by: yellow exclamation mark – Smallest value by red “X” 12

13 THEMES Click PAGE LAYOUT tab – Click on the THEMES format gallery – Pre-defined set of colours, fonts, line and effects – As you point to different themes “LIVE PREVIEW” shows you what your chart would look like – Can also customize a theme to match 13

14 Charts 14

15 CHARTS Pre-select cells INSERT tab; CHARTS group; Select the type of chart – A gallery of sub-types appear to choose from 15

16 CHARTS cont. By default, the chart appears on same page When you select a chart: Chart Tools Design tab appears If you want to move the chart to another sheet, click on the: button 16

17 CHARTS cont. If you want to change the overall visual style of your chart, click on the MORE Button, to the right of the Chart Style group Pre-defined theme colours & intensities 17

18 CHARTS cont. Chart Layouts group: – Edit & modify data To modify specific elements of the chart, move to the LAYOUT tab: 18

19 CHARTS If you want to change chart type – Go to DESIGN tab, and click on – Change Chart Type button (extreme left): 19

20 Functions, Formulas, Miscellaneous 20

21 FORMULAS FUNCTION WIZARD FUNCTION LIBRARY: Categories of functions Includes the AUTOSUM b utton if you click on the drop-down arrow— other functions 21

22 FUNCTION AUTOCOMPLETE Click in the cell where you want to insert a function Click in the formula bar, and type in the = equal sign, then the 1 st letter of the function i.e. “ a ” Click on the ARROW key to move down to the function you want And then press the TAB key A tooltip appears to remind you of the argument list 22

23 FREE “TIP OF THE WEEK” The "Get Started" tab added to the Excel ribbon - nfirmation.aspx?familyId=8a5af9d7-08a7- 41ba-8844-76bb94228957&displayLang=en nfirmation.aspx?familyId=8a5af9d7-08a7- 41ba-8844-76bb94228957&displayLang=en gives quick access to the training and videos 23

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