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1 Small Business Reference Center Tutorial

2 Welcome to EBSCOs Small Business Reference Center (SBRC) tutorial. SBRC provides up to date information on relevant topics from starting a company, operations management and sales, to growing or rescuing a business. The database contains nearly 400 full-text periodicals and over 450 full-text reference books. In this tutorial, we will look at conducting a search from the Basic Search screen, as well as the browsing options available in SBRC.

3 Well begin by conducting a search in Small Business Reference Center from the Basic Search screen. Enter your terms in the Find field and click Search.

4 A result list is displayed, defaulted to the All Results Source Type. You can filter your results using the column on the left. Click on a Source Type to view Periodicals, Books and Monographs, and more. Click on an article to view the full text. You can narrow you result list using the limiters found under Refine your results, also in the left column.

5 PDF full text is opened in the PDF Full Text Viewer. You can view the article detail screen by clicking the Detailed Record link. E-mail the article or add it to the folder by clicking the icons in the right column. You can also print or save the article to your computer by using the icons found in the Adobe Reader toolbar.

6 Basic Search also features three browsing options. You can Browse by Category, Browse Popular Sources, or browse Start-up Information by state. You can also search the Small Business Videos database from Basic Search. To browse by category, select a category from the Basic Search screen.

7 Next, select from the displayed list of topics.

8 From within your chosen topic, click on one of the available sources.

9 A result list of chapters from your selected source is displayed. Click on a full text link to view a chapter in the PDF Full Text viewer.

10 Returning to the Basic Search screen, you have the ability to browse small business books from Nolo, a publisher of legal information materials. Use the left and right arrows to browse through the available Popular Sources. Click on a title to view a source in the PDF Full Text Viewer.

11 From within the PDF Full Text Viewer, you can select chapters from the source under Full Text Contents in the column on the left.

12 Small Business Reference Center offers access to small business start-up guides for each state. You can browse the list of states by clicking the Browse By State link in the Start-Up Information area.

13 The list of states is displayed in the PDF Full Text Viewer. Click on a state name to view the states web site.

14 The Small Business Start-Up guide for your chosen state is displayed in HTML Full Text format.

15 Small Business Reference Center includes the ability to search for how-to videos from the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series as well as Vator TV. To search Small Business videos, click on the Search Videos link in the Small Business Videos area.

16 Enter your search terms and click Search. A result list of videos is displayed. Click on Flash video link to view the video. Click on a PDF of HTML full text link to read a transcript of Harvard Business videos or a video summary of Vator videos.

17 Click on the Help link to view the complete online help manual. This concludes the Small Business Reference Center tutorial.


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