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Grammar Monday Number #1-10 and prepare for 7 th grade grammar review! WJz0sE

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2 Grammar Monday Number #1-10 and prepare for 7 th grade grammar review! WJz0sE WJz0sE mmar/ mmar/

3 Hatchet, or other novel- Read Chapter 4 After reading, answer the following questions: 1. Sometimes Brian’s thoughts go back to an earlier time, when he was with his mother. What effect do these breaks or flashbacks have on the story? 2. Are Brian’s reactions to the pilot’s death and the crash realistic? Does Brian seem like a real thirteen year old? Explain. Other novel- Give three characteristics of the main character. Draw an illustration of the setting.

4 Poetry: Figurative Language An Introduction

5 Table Jam- Poetry and Figurative Language When I say go, begin writing all words that you can think of that make you think of poetry and figurative language. After 2 minutes, you will have 1 minute to “spy” on others papers. You will have 1 minute to add your ideas to the paper.

6 Types of Figurative Language often used in Poetry: Simile Metaphor Personification Alliteration Onomatopoeia Hyperbole

7 Windowpane Notes Fold your paper into 6 sections. We will take notes in each square describing the figurative language term. In each box, write the term, the definition, example, and a picture or symbol.

8 Figurative Language Tutorials “Figurative Language” 5 minutes “Polar Penguins” 5 minutes Ilq0I 10 minutes Ilq0I

9 Simile An implied comparison usually using “like” or “as”

10 Simile Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.

11 Simile He ran down the field like a freight train.

12 Simile She was as quiet as a mouse.

13 Metaphor The process of describing one thing as if it were another. Does not use “like” or “as”

14 Metaphor Our project is almost finished. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

15 Metaphor He had butterflies in his stomach.

16 Metaphor He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

17 Personification A figure of speech in which a thing, quality, or idea is represented as a person.

18 Personification The sun peeked over the mountain tops.

19 Personification One lonely slice of pizza remained.

20 Personification After a long day of work, the swimming pool was calling my name.

21 Alliteration The repetition of the same sound at the beginning of two or more closely associated words.

22 Alliteration Like loads of laundry lying on the lovely linoleum.

23 Alliteration Sally sells seashells by the seashore.

24 Alliteration Those creepy crawly critters caused a cramp in my cranium.

25 Onomatopoeia A word that imitates the sound it represents.

26 Onomatopoeia The water gurgled as it flowed down the drain.

27 Onomatopoeia The storm clouds rumbled across the sky.

28 Onomatopoeia It seemed everyone was sniffling during the cold and flu season.

29 Hyperbole Use of extreme exaggeration to make a point “I am so hungry I could eat a horse.”

30 Types of Figurative Language Simile Hyperbole Metaphor Personification Alliteration Onomatopoeia

31 Identifying Similes and Metaphors in Pop Culture UzpEQ UzpEQ wEe03hc wEe03hc Record 2 similes and 2 metaphors as you view the video examples. What does the author really mean?

32 Parallel groups: Group 1(Practice)- Search and Rescue the statements around the room that have figurative language examples. Record the correct term from notes with the letter of the statement. Group 2(Vocabulary)- Create a comic strip or short story using the following vocabulary from Hatchet: amphibious, audible, hummocks, turbulence, wince (use dictionaries to write definitions before you begin).

33 Eye on Idioms es/interactives/idioms/ es/interactives/idioms/ Let’s compete in a jeopardy style game to test our knowledge of idioms.Let’s compete in a jeopardy style game to test our knowledge of idioms.

34 “Sort it Out” Figurative Language Practice Using the chart, record 3 examples of each using the bank of figurative language statements. Work with a partner to categorize, then draw one example from each box on the back of the square.

35 Poetry Practice: p. 628-634 Choose one poem to read and analyze: “I’m Nobody, Who are you?” p. 630 “Is the Moon Tired?” p. 631 “Mooses” p. 632 Record 3 examples of figurative language within the poem. Figurative LanguageLines from poem Simile- Metaphor- Personification- Hyperbole-

36 Compare and Contrast Genres Continue your chart of “Hatchet” versus “Alaska Experiment” documentary. Record 2 similarities and 2 differences as we view.

37 Ticket out: ZUZ0M ZUZ0M I think… I learned… I know…

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