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Earth & Space Sciences: Weather

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1 Earth & Space Sciences: Weather
Lesson 1 How does the weather change?

2 Review What causes seasons? How many stars are in the night sky?
Too many to count What is a solar system? The sun, planets, and planets’ moons What is the name of the path a planet takes around the sun? orbit What is the name of the only star in our solar system? sun What causes day and night? Earth’s rotation What causes seasons? The tilt of the earth.

3 New Vocabulary Use the glossary in the back of your book to learn what these words mean. Weather- What the air outside is like. Weather Pattern- A change in the weather that repeats. Season- A time of year that has a certain kind of weather.

4 Words That Describe Weather
Windy Sunny Terrible Hot Cool Like a hurricane Snowy Warm Hailing Rainy Like a blizzard Sleeting Cloudy Stormy Icy Foggy Blustery Good Like a tornado Calm Fair White out Fine Horrible Cold Nice Awesome Freezing Bad Scary

5 What kind of weather patterns happen throughout the day?
Go from sunny to rainy Go from rainy to snowy Go from foggy to rainy Go from snowy to sunny Go from snowy to rainy Go from raining to hailing Go from sunny to cloudy Go from cloudy to foggy

6 What kind of weather patterns happen throughout the seasons?
Go from sunny and hot weather in summer to cloudy, rainy and cool weather in fall. Go from snowy and cold to rainy, cloudy, and warm. Go from cool or cold, to snowy and freezing. Go from snowy and freezing to hot and fine.

7 The Seasons

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