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Come on in!.  Welcome to our library! I will be taking you on a tour and give you information that will help you successfully navigate the use of the.

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1 Come on in!

2  Welcome to our library! I will be taking you on a tour and give you information that will help you successfully navigate the use of the library. My goal is for each student to be a successful independent user of our services!

3  The library is your place to find information on all manner of topics, and the place to locate great books to satisfy your literary needs. If the lights are on, the library is open. The exception might be if Mr. Hagen has a class that period. Mr. Hagen will be available to assist you in any way. He does ask that when you come in, make sure you have a pass or a teacher with you, and come in calmly. Lots of students will be in the library at any one time in the day, and they all have some job to do. Think about how you can ROCK in the library. Stay calm and stay focused, so everyone can be successful in their library visit!

4 Put away your compass – just click on each section below to navigate through the library! FictionNonfiction ReferencePeriodicals Computers Continue the tour…

5 Fiction Walk past Mr. Hagen’s desk, to the back of the library. The walls on your left and right and the two floor shelves hold the FICTION books. They are organized by genre, and in alphabetical order by author. BACK

6 Nonfiction The NONFICTION section will be found behind the Reference shelf, on the back wall. It continues to the right of the New Book display. Nonfiction is organized by the Dewey Decimal System; in numerical order and then alphabetically by author. BACK

7 Reference The floor shelf in the middle of the aisle just opposite the check-out counter is where you will find reference materials. Print encyclopedias on the left side; dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, and specific reference books on the right side. You will find some reference books on top of the counter, also. These books are not available for student check-out. BACK

8 Periodicals Magazines are found on the floor shelf nearest to the tables. The most current copies will be found on the side facing the library windows. You may check out magazines that are on the shelves below the current copies in the blue jackets. The ones in the blue jackets stay in the library for everyone to enjoy. Older copies are found on the other side of the floor shelf. BACK

9 There are twelve computers for student use in the library. They are found against the library windows and the wall next to Mr. Hagen’s desk. They are used by individuals, small groups, or whole classes that visit the library, for a variety of reasons. Please observe the proper use guidelines. If you are unsure about proper use, just ask! BACK

10 New Books Display Looking for the newest books in our collection? As you come in the front door, you will see the display directly in front of you. Step up and find your new favorite !

11 Borrowing Policies You can check out books and magazines – but you have to follow the rules…  You can have books for a three-week period. If you need them for longer, you can renew them once for another three weeks. Hopefully you will be done with the books by then, and return them for others to enjoy.  Your librarian would like you to have no more than two books at a time. You can have a third if you need it for an assignment.  Please return books in a timely manner, so as many books are available to as many people as possible!

12  There are two ways:  Ask the librarian  Check the Online Catalog The Destiny Online Catalog can be accessed from any computer at school, or anywhere in the world, if you can access the Internet and get to the Bush Middle School home page. Try Destiny Quest – it is a cool way to look for the book that you want!

13 But wait – there’s more! The library is much more than just a place to find a book or magazine. Here are other things we can do for you: Suggest a good book Help find a specific book Help decide on a research topic Assist with the steps in the research process Show how and where to find information on a research topic Help locate information in print resources Help navigate the Internet Offer study skills advice Assist with your homework And help you find your way around the library!

14  When you need information, searching the Internet can take time. You can save a lot of time and be a more efficient searcher by using the information that you find on the library web page. Begin your search here, then broaden your search beyond that if needed.  When doing research, use the Big 6 Research steps, evaluate your internet sources carefully, take advantage of the sources provide by the library website, and you will have success in your information exploration!

15 Any Questions? Hopefully this has given you an introductory peek at your Bush Middle School library. The intention is for the library to be the center of the school – a gathering place where you can do homework; a place to do research; a place to find a great book or magazine; or a place to just get together with friends. Your friendly librarian will be on hand to answer any of your questions, help you with homework or research, or help you find the perfect book. So, welcome – we look forward to seeing you soon!

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