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MSM Computer Orientation PowerSchool MSM Web Page SchoolFusion/Class Pages.

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1 MSM Computer Orientation PowerSchool MSM Web Page SchoolFusion/Class Pages

2 PowerSchool What is PowerSchool? PowerSchool is: -where teachers input attendance -where teachers input daily grades -where students/parents check daily, quarter, exam, and semester grades -where students/parents check attendance

3 How do I gain access to PowerSchool? The webpage for PowerSchool is:

4 This is the home page for PowerSchool. This is the page you would print for a report card at 1 st and 3 rd Quarter.

5 This is a “detailed” view of the grades for one class. To see this page just click on the overall grade for the course.

6 MSM WEB PAGE Click on the shield to bring you back to the home page. Click Submit after entering your username and password.

7 Do not use this. Login to find your classes!!! Curriculum guide, transcript request View athletic team pages Spiritual life activities Newspaper Handbook Club information Links to other sites

8 Calendar Options

9 SCHOOLFUSION CLASS PAGES Click Submit after entering your username and password. To log into your class pages: enter your username enter your password click SUBMIT


11 My Home Class Pages Your current teachers

12 My Message Center Your message center is like a bulletin board for messages from your teachers. You can also message your teacher. Inbox Compose

13 MY PERSONAL CALENDAR -Any calendar items added by your teachers will automatically appear on your personal calendar -Practice adding our own dates (events) and then practice deleting them

14 MY PERSONAL FILES -this is a safe place to keep documents – you can get to them at any time -practice adding files, deleting files, adding folders, deleting folders

15 MY PERSONAL SETTINGS PERSONAL INFO -must use the school email address – DO NOT change this

16 CHANGE PASSWORD -CAUTION – Your PowerSchool and SchoolFusion passwords are the same – you will have to keep up with another password if you make changes here!!!!!

17 NOTIFICATIONS 1)Recent Activity Notifications – sends you a daily email reminder of your events 2)Change Messaging Options – you can receive an email if someone leaves you a message in the message center 3)Setup Daily Digest – you can receive an email every morning reminding you of all calendar events 4)Edit Newsletter Subscriptions – you do not belong to a newsletter group – please do not join these groups

18 MY FUSIONPAGES These are all the pages that have you listed as a member. Do not delete these. If you delete you will not receive messages and reminders from the teacher.

19 EXAMPLE OF A CLASS PAGE Information about your teacher Information about your class Reminders/homework Calendar reminders Websites for more information

20 Files your teacher has posted for you. Need to use these. Listing of homework assignments

21 LIBRARY YOU MUST LOG IN BEFORE YOU CAN USE THE LIBRARY SECTION OF THE WEB PAGE -Log in to the library to see what resources are available. -Look in the section under passwords and explore the databases. You need to know what is available to you!!!

22 EMAIL – OWA (OUTLOOK WEB ACCESS) Use this when you are checking email from a computer other than yours or if you are having trouble connecting through Outlook.

23 DOMAIN = mtstmary User name = firstinitiallastname Password = EXAMPLE: mtstmary\jdoe student1

24 -practice sending an email through OWA -you can send yourself emails as practice -practice deleting your emails -don’t forget to empty your “deleted items” occasionally -don’t forget to check “junk e-mail” – there may be something important

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