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By: Arkida Merizaj and Imelda Mahmutaj.

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1 By: Arkida Merizaj and Imelda Mahmutaj.
CAMERAS By: Arkida Merizaj and Imelda Mahmutaj.

2 HOW THEY WORK! Allows light to enter through a lens or a series of lenses. It permanently records an image on film. When the shutter is opened, the light from object that is being photographed is focused by the lens as an image on the film.

3 Parts of a Camera Contains a convex lens.
Shutter- part of camera that flips open to let light in and to take picture on film Flash- this tool gives extra light to your picture Lens- part of camera used for focus and zoom, this adjusts the size of the object.

4 Parts of a Camera Shutter Button- button which releases shutter in order to take picture. Film Holder- holds the film. Zoom- lets you zoom in or out to help you focus on the object. Focus- lets you make the object clearer.

5 Kinds of Cameras Digital- record images on to electronic media and the image appears on the camera. Security- cameras used in homes, offices or stores that enable the security to see what is going on all around the place. Field camera- large metal or wood cameras that use large or rolled up films to take the pictures.

6 Uses of cameras Used for security Used in computers
Used to take pictures Used in space as satellites Used to make movies

7 THE END!!!

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