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By: Dairon Abbott and Marvin Spady 2/7//12 5 th Period.

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1 By: Dairon Abbott and Marvin Spady 2/7//12 5 th Period

2  Factory pollution Is the number one source of pollution in the united states.  It causes more than half of all water pollution because over 365,000 factories take these waste and discharge them into our lakes and other bodies of waters.  Some factory water pollutants are phosphates, asbestos, mercury nitrates, sulfuric acid and many others.  Factories also emit exhaust gasses that go into our atmosphere and we breath in this air.

3  Air pollution affects humans and other life forms.  It can cause respiratory problems, Cardiovascular problems, Asthma, Hurts children more than anyone, and is possibly linked to cancer.

4  In India air pollution is believed to cause over 500,000 deaths  The great smog in London in 1942 killed 8000 people.  Air pollution cost around $200 million in medical expenses only in California.  Air pollution around cities is visible from space.

5  The cause of air pollution is the industrialization of society bringing factories, cars, and other things. The main thing is that humans are the main reason for air pollution. The people should care because pollution causes lung irritation, asthma, smog, and the severe weather global warming problem. And I believe people should try to do something about it because it is hurting the human race and other life.

6  The root causes of Air Pollution is Nitrogen dioxide. It affects humans, it stimulates the mucous membrane of our eyes and nose, causes chronic diseases such as respiratory disease, asthma, and heart disease, and reduces the capacity of the lungs.

7  This is an national issue but it is happening world wide. Causing problems with global warming fatality and thousands of health problems in humans.

8  Wind Turbines  Hydroelectric Power  Water Treatment Systems

9  Using wind Turbines is the best solution out of the other 2 solutions because with wind turbines there is no exhaust gasses being put off. Wind turbines also use a renewable resource. It sounds like hydroelectric power but wind turbines don’t cost as much.

10  Dear U.S Senator Tom Carper,   Air pollution is a big problem not only in the United States but world wide. Some air pollution is natural like from volcanoes and forest fires but with the industrialization of the world this problem is getting worst. Factories are the main cause of air pollution. There are over 350,000 factories in the United States that put off exhaust gasses that are destroying the ozone layer. This is what’s causing global warming. If this problem doesn’t stop then global warming will occur and when this happens ice caps will melt. If the ice caps melt then low land areas and coastal regions like New York and Manhattan will be under water. The pollution in the air from factories is very bad for humans. It can cause respiratory problems, asthma problems brain problems and is possibly linked to cancer. Air pollution is also causing water pollution because the waste from factories is being dumped into rivers lakes and other bodies of water. This is bad for all sea life it can kill these animals. And also we eat these animals and it is bad for there chemicals to get into our blood stream. So air pollution is bad because it not only destroys the ozone layer but it’s also causing water pollution. Air pollution is also bad because it travels across America and across the world. Air pollution from china has been tracked to California this is bad because it’s not only getting pollution from California but from china too so that’s double what it normally gets. In India air pollution is believed to cause over 500,000 deaths every year. In California air pollution accounts for more $200 million worth of medical expenses. Every year in the U.S. factories release over 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the land, air and water. This hazardous waste causes us to lose over 15 million acres of land every year, it leads to respiratory complications and other health problems and it makes our rivers and lakes too polluted for us to swim in and drink. Millions of cars are driving everyday at every hour this is one of the main causes of air pollution because of exhaust the cars put off.  There are many ways we can fix these problems like holding meetings about it and putting it on television commercials but many people won’t listen. So better things to do would be to use hydroelectric power, water treatment plants and wind turbines. Hydroelectric power is good because instead of using coal burning power plant we use water. Water is a renewable recourse so we can use it over and occur again and it doesn’t put off any exhaust gasses. Water treatment plans would help because with the chemicals being dumped into the water we can clean this water at these plants. The best way to fix this problem is to use wind turbines because like hydroelectric power it uses a renewable recourse which is wind that doesn’t put off any gasses. But with hydroelectric power it cost a lot of money but wind turbines don’t cost as much money. This is what I think we should do to fix this problem thank you for your time.  Sincerely,   Marvin Spady

11  Dairon Abbott-, - -Marvin  Contact us – 302 245 5923 (Marvin Spady)  Contact us – 443 669 8516 (Dairon Abbott)

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