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YING WA GIRLS’ SCHOOL Business, Accounting and FinancialStudies Prepared by: Mr. CHEUNG.

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1 YING WA GIRLS’ SCHOOL Business, Accounting and FinancialStudies Prepared by: Mr. CHEUNG


3 Business Studies Principles of Accounts Commerce Principles of Accounts BAFS Financial Studies HKALE HKCEE

4 Business Environment Introduction to Management Introduction to Accounting Basics of Personal Financial Management Financial Accounting Cost Accounting Financial Management Marketing Management Human Resources Management Compulsory Part Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Elective Part Accounting Module Accounting Module Business Management Module Business Management Module40%60% ACCT:70%


6 BAFS Accounting profession Financial / managerial accounting Calculate profit, assets and liabilities… and make decision! Business environment Development of HK, ethics, entrepreneur Management Be an effective manager: Financial, human resources, risk, operation, marketing, organizational, logistic… and ethics Financial studies As an smart investor: Know the market and products, learn risks and returns, draft portfolio, protect yourself…

7 Opportunity cost Money and banking Time value of money Types of production, GDP, inflation and unemployment Sole trader, partnership, company


9 Links BAFS Content_5999/ Content_5999/bafs_final_e.pdf ECONOMICS er/EN/Content_5999/econ_final_e.pdf er/EN/Content_5999/econ_final_e.pdf

10 Qualities of studying BAFS Analytical mind Applications and scenariosApplications and scenarios Current issuesCurrent issues Hardworking Terms and vocabularyTerms and vocabulary Foundation of business subjectsFoundation of business subjects Mathematics skills Very important! Such as…Very important! Such as… Processing +, -, ×, ÷, %Processing +, -, ×, ÷, % Q.U.I.C.K.I.L.YQ.U.I.C.K.I.L.Y But nothing else!But nothing else!

11 BAFS Syllabus: some examples

12 Business Environment Hong Kong Business Environment Forms of Business Ownership Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities


14 Introduction to Management Effective Management Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Management Business Communication



17 Basics of Personal Financial Management Time Value of Money Financial Market Consumer Credit Personal Financial Planning Investor Protection



20 What is Accounting? Accounting is concerned with: 1.Recording of data (book-keeping) 2.Classifying and summarizing data (financial statements) 3.Communicating the data for decision making (annual report and accounting ratios)

21 Elective Part: Accounting Limited company accounts Types of shares Issue of shares


23 Types of dividends Distribution of dividends Elective Part: Accounting


25 Debtors Bad debts written off Provision for bad debts Elective Part: Accounting


27 P/E ratio Other accounting ratios Analysis of profitability and financial position of different companies Elective Part: Accounting


29 Academic and career prospects

30 Some accounting degrees in HK HKU Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance 工商管理學學士(會計及財務) HKUST Professional Accounting 工商管理學士(專業會計學) CUHK Professional Accountancy 專業會計學 POLYU BBA (Hons) in Accountancy 會計學(榮譽)工商管理學士學位

31 The direct route to become a CPA Accounting Degree HKICPA [Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants] Qualification Programme Accounting Experience WorkshopsExaminations Certified Public Accountant (CPA) + =

32 THE END 5 th March 2010

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