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Business Communication Course

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1 Business Communication Course

2 Importance of Business

3 Programs Semesters This program is designed for active professionals with business experience who seek to enhance their business communication skills Seminars This program is designed for companies who want there implies to communicate in batter way

4 Courses of Semester Effective spoken communication
Cross-cultural communication skills Business presentations Business action project

5 Seminar Content The art of public speaking   • the communication process   • types of presentations   • credibility of the presenter   • understanding the parts of a speech Presentation design   • selection of a central topic/theme   • importance of knowing your topic and audience   • preparing the body of the speech

6 Seminar Content Conquering fear and building confidence   • last minute details   • mental preparations   • relaxation tips Practice... Practice... Practice...   • Notes and memorization   • using your voice effectively   • the importance of non-verbal  communication   • clarity and timing

7 Faculty Our faculty have vast experience in teaching business communication. That experience includes extended teaching in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the middle east. In addition, the faculty have designed and implemented various specialized professional programs, including programs for international executives and managers

8 Fee Structure Fee for 8 week semester $6,550 Fee for 16 week semester
$12,480 Fee per day seminar $625 (Includes refreshment breaks, lunches, binder and a framed certificate of completion)

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