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Literacy Initiative Public Schools of Robeson County.

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1 Literacy Initiative Public Schools of Robeson County

2 Reading Comprehension It is a life skill!

3 Use Graphic Organizers to Embed Comprehension Skills & Increase Comprehension

4 Main Idea What is the main idea of paragraph _______?

5 Main Idea The most important idea expressed in a paragraph or in an entire essay. The main idea may be directly stated in a topic sentence, or you may have to look at all the details in the paragraph and make an inference, or educated guess, about its main idea.

6 Recalling Facts & Details Based on the bar graph, which statement is true?

7 Facts & Details Evidence that a writer uses to support a position.

8 Understanding Sequence Which is the first step in building a__________?

9 Sequence Sequence tells you the order in which things happen or come.

10 Recognizing Cause & Effect Which event caused ___ to learn about the ___?

11 Cause & Effect A cause is the event that makes something happen. An effect is what happens as a result of the cause.

12 Comparing & Contrasting Which statement best notes a contrast between the ______________ ?

13 Compare & Contrast When you compare, you look for similarities, or likenesses. When you contrast, you look for differences.

14 Making Predictions Which statement best describes how the events in this selection will most likely affect _____ in the future?

15 Predictions Guessing what will happen next in a narrative text is a reading skill called making predictions. To make predictions, you look for clues that foreshadow, or hint at, future actions.

16 Finding Word Meaning in Context In the third paragraph, what is the meaning of the word ______________ ?

17 Context Clues When you don’t know the meaning of a word, look for clues to its meaning in the context, the words and sentences surrounding the unfamiliar word.

18 Drawing Conclusions & Making Inferences Which conclusion is best supported by the information in paragraph _______? What can be inferred about _____?

19 Conclusions A conclusion is a general summing up of the specific details in a text.

20 Inference An inference is an educated guess, a conclusion that makes sense because it’s supported by evidence.

21 Distinguishing between Fact & Opinion Based on the bar graph, which statement is true?

22 Fact or Opinion A fact is a statement that can be proved true. An opinion expresses a personal belief or feeling.

23 Identifying the Author’s Purpose In paragraph 18, why does the author italicize the words “_________________”?

24 Author’s Purpose Text are written for different purposes: to inform, to persuade, to express feelings, or to entertain. The purpose of a text, or the reason why a text is written, determines its structure, the way the writer organizes and presents the material.

25 Interpreting Figurative Language What is the effect of the simile in the last paragraph of this selection?

26 Figurative Language Language that describes one thing in terms of something else and is not literally true.

27 Summarizing Which is the best summary of this _______?

28 Summarizing Restating the main ideas or major events in a text.

29 Drill Down Time! Match specific organizers to specific text!

30 Fiction Possible Text Possible Organizer

31 Nonfiction Possible Text Possible Organizer

32 Poetry Possible Text Possible Organizer

33 Content Possible Text Possible Organizer

34 Consumer Possible Text Possible Organizer

35 Online Resources Teaching That Makes Sense Education Oasis Freeology Education Place Teacher Printables

36 Got Questions?

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