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By: Clifton Hurley. What Is the Main Subject or Focus in this image?

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1 By: Clifton Hurley

2 What Is the Main Subject or Focus in this image?

3 Main Subject or Focus: I believe the main subject of this image is the circular flow chart. The arm and hand are placed on the side of the image where they aren’t noticed until you have read all the words, since the arrows draw your attention from word to word.

4 What Is the Background Info of this image?

5 Background Info: DAPA’s goal is to put together the most effective programs for businesses. They take a survey of the business to get an understanding which allows them to partner with businesses in designing the most effective courses of action for each individual case. This particular image was published in 2011.

6 What Is the Purpose/Intention of this image?

7 Purpose/Intention: I believe the intent of this image is to cause the reader to think about how logical the steps are to achieving success, as shown in the image. The reader should be inserting their personal problems into the steps as they are thinking about the image.

8 What are the techniques used in this image?

9 Technique: The technique I noticed in this image is structure. The words are arranged in a circular pattern. However, if you remove the arrows the image is just a random arrangement of words. Thus the structure of arrows allow us to understand the image as intended.

10 Analysis of composition factors used in this image?

11 Composition factors: The colors put emphasis on “success” since it is the only primary color shown. Motion shown by arrows allow readers to look around the image in order. I believe there is humorous irony since we see the bottom of a hand which just wrote correctly from our view but backwards from their position.

12 What is the logical appeal/logos used in this image?

13 Logical Appeal: The logical appeal in this image is the steps given for success. It is human nature to agree with something if the process is given rather than just the product alone. If the image only had the word “success” it would not be as logical, thus less effective.

14 What is the emotional appeal/pathos used in this image?

15 Emotional Appeal: The emotional appeal in this image is somewhat difficult to decipher, but I believe the author is trying to have the reader feel confident in themselves enough to try the given steps and the business(DAPA). This is all a way to get your business and money.

16 What is the ethical appeal/ethos used in this image?

17 Ethical Appeal: The ethical appeal in this image is nonexistent. However, I have found the ethical appeal of the company associated with the original image.

18 Who is the intended audience in this image?

19 Intended Audience: The intended audience is entrepreneurs and personal businesses. Since they are potential customers for DAPA.

20 Works Cited: DAPA. "Success." DAPA Diversity. DAPA, 2011. Web. 16 Oct. 2012..

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