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Good Nutrition for the Early Years Eileen Muir Community Dietitian Old Johnstone Clinic.

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1 Good Nutrition for the Early Years Eileen Muir Community Dietitian Old Johnstone Clinic

2 What do we know about children’s nutrition in Scotland?

3 ‘Nutrition in the early years of life has a major influence on the growth and development of an individual child and also that of adult health’ ‘Scottish children have the worst diet in the Western world.’( Scottish Diet Action Plan, 1996)

4 Obesity in Children (The Scottish Health Survey 2010) 1 in 4 children aged 2-6 years are overweight

5 Food Related Health Issues Overweight children overweight adults Overweight children diabetic (type 2) adults High fat diets raised blood cholesterol High sugar intake dental decay Blood pressure higher in children who add salt

6 Children’s Consumption (The Scottish Health Survey 2010) 12% ate ‘5 a day’ fruit and vegetables 80% ate too much sugar 90% ate too much fat 100% ate too much salt

7 What can we do to improve children’s eating habits?

8 Salt Intake Recommendations for children 1-3 years 2 grams daily 4-6 years 3 grams daily 7-10 years 5 grams daily Average salt content I standard(25g) packet of crisps 0.3g salt I packet of sea salt crisps 0.6g salt 1 packet of dairylea dunkers 0.7g salt 1 pot noodle 2.5g salt 1 cup a soup 1.5g salt 1 burger 1.14g salt

9 Curriculum for Excellence 3-18 Curriculum Areas Health and Well- Being Literacy and English Numeracy and Mathematics Sciences Social Studies Expressive Arts Technologies Religious and Moral Education

10 Aims of Eat Well to Play Well To encourage children to eat a healthy balanced diet To encourage children to be more active To help to prevent obesity

11 Stage 1 Introducing Food Groups Fruit and Vegetables Bread, Other Cereals & Potatoes Milk and dairy foods Foods & drinks containing fat & sugar Meat, fish & alternatives

12 Stage 2 –Introducing Health Messages

13 Stage 3 Introducing Meal Ideas Lunch Sandwiches with Bread,Tuna,Sweetcorn Apple Yoghurt Crisps

14 Lunch Ideas Include the following: –Starchy foods bread,roll, wrap, pitta, oatcakes, crackers, pasta, rice –Fruit and vegetables fruit - fresh (whole/chopped), tinned (in juice) veg/salad - cherry tomatoes, carrot/cucumber sticks, veg soup. –Protein cold meat, egg, tuna, salmon, hummus cheese, cheese spread, yoghurt –Drink milk or water between meals fruit juice, milk

15 Breakfast Include the following: –Starchy foods Porridge, breakfast cereal, toast or bread Fruit and vegetables Fresh fruit – banana, strawberries or fruit juice Dairy Milk or yoghurt or cheese including cheese spread.

16 EWTPW Parents Bags Have fun with your child, whilst reinforcing the importance of a balanced diet & physical activity Bag contains: –Table food mat –Food pictures – for each food group –Health pictures – for four main food groups –Manual with suggested games –CD with action songs

17 Eat Well to Do Well Primary School Resource Builds on EWTPW health messages Links curriculum and food provision in schools –Hungry for Success –Schools (Nutrition and Health Promotion) (Scotland) Act 2007 Curriculum for Excellence –Health and Wellbeing

18 Why should children Eat Well? Reduce rising obesity levels Help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease diabetes high blood pressure Reduce incidence of anaemia Improve dental health Better concentration

19 Summary of Healthy Eating Enjoy lots of different foods, most foods can be included – it’s the balance that’s important. Include the foods rich in nutrients first from the 4 main food groups. Limit foods that are high in fat, sugar and / or salt – especially for snacks between meals.

20 Any Questions? Eileen Muir, Community Dietitian, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde,

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