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The Innovative Entrepreneur, Back to Basics By Dr. Ahmed A. Nasser.

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1 The Innovative Entrepreneur, Back to Basics By Dr. Ahmed A. Nasser

2 What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship = creativity + innovation

3 Creativity The ability to develop new ideas and to discover new ways of looking at problems and opportunities.

4 Innovation The ability to apply creative solutions to those problems and opportunities in order to enhance people’s lives or to enrich society

5 From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Software entrepreneurship, MS

6 What Motivates Entrepreneurs? According to McClelland 1.The need for achievement (n Ach) Achievement motive - drive to do well, strive for excellence and overcome challenges and obstacles in the pursuit of goal. Also known as urge to improve.

7 What Motivates Entrepreneurs? Cont’d 2.The need for Power (n Pow) Power motive - drive to control, influence and to have impact on others and change the situations. Normally seek position of leadership

8 What Motivates Entrepreneurs? Cont’d 3.The need for affiliation (n Aff) Affiliation motive - drive to establish, maintain or renew affective relationship with others. This may contribute to the drive for maintaining effective business networking

9 Questions that may Spur Creativity  1. Is there a new way to do it?  2. Can you borrow or adapt it?  3. Can you give it a new twist?  4. Is there a substitute?  5. Can the parts be rearranged?  6. What if we do just the opposite?  7. Can ideas be combined?  8. Can we put it to other uses?  9. What else could we make from this?  10. Are there other markets for it?

10 Barriers to Creativity  1. searching for the one ‘right’ answer  2. focusing on being logical  3. blindly following the rules  4. constantly being practical  5. viewing play as frivolous  6. becoming overly specialized  7. avoiding ambiguity  8. fearing looking foolish  9. fearing mistakes and failure  10. believing that ‘I’m not creative’.

11 What makes a Successful Entrepreneur? The urge for achievement Determination to win Win-Win Personality Willingness to take moderate risks Ability to identify & explore opportunities Analytical ability to take strategic decisions

12 Who can be an Entrepreneur? can take moderate risks has ability to work hard can capitalize on opportunities feels the need for achievement has desire for responsibility has perception of probability of success gets stimulation by feedback possess skills in organizing male or female may not have previous experience

13 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Mental ability Clear objectives Communication ability Technical knowledge Achievement-oriented Perseverance Ethical Long term involvement Motivator Self-confident High energy level Problem solver Initiator Goal setter Risk taker

14 Assess your Personality Feelings about Control Feelings about Independence Willingness to take Risks

15 Themes of the Entrepreneur Commitment and Determination Leadership Opportunity Obsession Tolerance of Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty Creativity, Self-reliance and Adaptability Motivation to Excel

16 Commitment Tenacity-you will not fail Discipline Willingness to pay the price-personal sacrifice

17 Leadership Do the right thing Ability to translate an opportunity into a vision and project that vision to the community

18 Obsession with Opportunity Entrepreneurship begins with an opportunity Money, contacts, networking

19 Creativity, Self reliance, Adaptability – Actively seek initiative and want to be in a position to be successful – Want to know how they are doing. – Serious setbacks and failures are an integral part of the learning process

20 Motivation to Excel Compete against self imposed standards Driven to pursue and achieve difficult and challenging goals High standards of personal integrity and reliability Keen awareness of strengths and weaknesses Coldly realistic-don’t kid themselves They believe in themselves

21 Entrepreneurs’ Enemies Laziness Fear Blindness Trying to prove … Tendency to lie

22 Taking of the Enemies Self awareness Vision Persistency Will to do good

23 References Dr Nawawi B Mohd Jan Burns, 199 Bill Bolton, 2000 Whybrow, 1999 Roberts, 1991 Kuratko and Hodgetts, 1998 David McClelland Microsoft Prof J Saboo

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