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Classroom Expectations

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1 Classroom Expectations
English Mrs. Morningstar

2 Entering the Room Offer a greeting Quietly and with good manners
Say “Hello,” “Good morning,” etc. Quietly and with good manners No pushing, shoving, talking loudly Head directly to your assigned seat Sharpen pencil, answer the Bell Ringer Be prepared No student is permitted back to locker after bell has rung. Three times unprepared per marking period=detention (no exceptions)

3 Exiting the Room All students must remain seated assigned seat until the bell rings. No packing up early Be sure all assignments are recorded in AgendaMate before leaving room Exit just as you entered once the bell has rung Push in your chair!

4 Being Prepared For Class
4 items needed daily Agenda Mate writing utensil English Binder (for this class only) with vocabulary and bell ringer book inside textbook/novel

5 Generally given nightly
Homework Assignments Generally given nightly Miss 3 (parents contacted/detention) Writing assignments (miss final draft-detention) Check Agenda before homeroom Students who miss assignments will report to English tutoring 9th period

6 Active Participation ALL students are called on EVERY DAY! One “pass” per period- used only when needed

7 Turning in Assignments
Side to side- put yours on top Use the “In-Bin” for LATE assignments due to an absence Major due dates (expectations and guidelines) No oral excuses…no gathering around the desk, etc.

8 Appropriate Times for Privileges
No return to locker after bell-DO NOT ASK! Bathroom- strictly for emergencies Remain in seat while I am speaking No paper or pencils will be given after the bell has rung Signed pass/Sign out sheet

9 Using Classroom/School Materials
You are borrowing materials DO not WRITE on anything that does not belong to you! Notify me if something has been marked on

10 Conducting Yourself with Dignity
Language (at all times in all areas) Attitude Ambition- drive to do well in life Actions-calling out, interrupting, bullying Cheating

11 The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”
No place for negativity School=home away from home

12 Active Listening Face front On task: Correct page
Do not sort through papers, etc. while I am speaking Head ALWAYS up, no glancing around room, etc.

13 MLA Heading Heading used on all papers turned in for a grade.
Joe Smith Mrs. Morningstar 7-1 4 September 2008

14 Grading Points are based on:
Writing assignments (i.e. compositions)-30% Tests/Presentations/Projects- 25% Quizzes- 20% Homework- 15% Class Participation and ethics- 10%

15 New School Wide Grading Scale
B = 85 – 93 C = 76 – 84 D = 65 – 75 F = Below 65

16 My Pledge to Students I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will listen to you if you present yourself in a respectful way. I will offer extra help if you are struggling.

17 Signature Required I, _______________, understand Mrs. Morningstar’s procedures and expectations and will follow them. I also understand the consequences for not doing so. Signature _______________________

18 Who to Know… Teachers Mr. Fleming- Superintendent
Mr. Weisgold- High School Principal Mr. Otis- Assistant Principal Mr. LaFrance and Mr. Edwards-Guidance Counselors Mrs. Sipe- Nurse Mrs. Farr- Front Office Secretary Mrs. Lent- Attendance Office Secretary

19 Overview of Important School Rules
Criteria for Promotion from 7th Grade Attendance/Turning in Excuses Drug and Alcohol Policy Weapon Policy Tardies to Class/Homeroom Student Behavior on Bus Computer Use Policy

20 High School Rules Continued…
Student Dress Code Student Relationships Proper Language Lockers Electronic Devices including cell phones Theft/Stealing Vandalism After School Activities

21 Ignorance is not an excuse…
Questions???? Ignorance is not an excuse… “I DID NOT KNOW…”

22 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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