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Ms. Hailey Burnett English Teacher West Fork Middle School West Fork, AR Room 18.

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1 Ms. Hailey Burnett English Teacher West Fork Middle School West Fork, AR Room 18

2 Welcome to Ms. Burnett’s Classroom Procedures and Guidelines

3 Am I in the right room? Ms. Burnett’s 8 th Grade English Room 18

4 Where am I supposed to sit? Sit where you would like, for now. Your behavior determines your seating.

5 Who is Ms. Burnett?

6 Will this teacher treat me fairly? Yes,Always!

7 What will I be doing this year? Owning your skills, Thinking outside of the box, Expressing your opinions, Mastering MLA Format, The Giver, Analyzing literature, Identifying themes in a text, Reading, Opening your mind, Creating your own views, Supporting your claims, Connecting Literature to yourself, the world around you, and other texts, and last of all Being Creative, BECOMING A CRITICAL CONSUMER OF INFORMATION

8 How will I be graded?

9 What are the rules in this classroom? Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Positive

10 Ms. Burnett’s Classroom Contract Guidelines Procedures

11 Classroom Guidelines

12 Guideline #1 Be in your assigned seat and working on your agendas or the assigned bell work when the tardy bell rings.

13 Ms. Burnett’s Literature Lounge Today’s Special August 19 Bellwork: “ If I could be principal for a day...” Objectives: Students will understand the classroom policies and procedures.

14 Guideline #2 Bring ALL books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave. - Agenda - Binder - Writing Utensil - Book of your choice

15 Guideline #3 Follow directions the first time they are given. - Ask 3 BEFORE me

16 Guideline #4 Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity. Words that I absolutely despise: - Stupid  - Shut up 

17 Guideline #5 - While I am talking to the class, do NOT be talking. (Pet Peeve) -When classmates are giving a presentation or discussing their ideas, do NOT interrupt them or be having your own conversation. (Quick Write Up) -When you are talking, you are not listening.

18 Guideline #6 Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the WFMS and West Fork Schools’ handbooks. - No Gum - No Hats/ Head Coverings - Shirts WITH sleeves - No usage of devices unless given permission

19 Special Guideline This classroom is a “No Whining Zone”. That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the “No Whining Zone” this semester.

20 Following Guidelines will result in... Verbal acknowledgement A stress-free and positive learning environment A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

21 Not Following Guidelines will result in... 1 st – Verbal Warning 2 nd – Verbal Warning (seriously…) 3 rd – Disciplinary Referral After 3 you will be sent to Coach Wise

22 Severe Clause Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

23 Classroom Procedures

24 Entering the Room Please enter quietly. Quit Gossiping. Have a seat. Take out your materials. Review objectives and write them in your agenda. Begin bellwork assignment.

25 When you are tardy... Enter quietly. Excused : Place excuse in the basket on my desk. Unexcused : Sign tardy list on top of book shelf. - After 3= Disciplinary Referral Have a seat and take out your materials.

26 Getting Your Attention I will... Stand in front of the class. Raise my hand. Wait for everyone to be quiet. Begin speaking.

27 Paper Heading MLA Format (ALWAYS) Place on all homework assignments – Your Name – Ms. Burnett – Class Hour – Day/Month/Year

28 After an Excused Absence Go to the homework bin. Copy the homework. Retrieve any handouts. Make-up tests: Schedule with me.

29 Pink Slip This is for students who do not have the assigned homework. Fill it out. Sign and date it. Turn it in with the homework papers.

30 Finish Classwork Early “What do I do next?”

31 Activities Work on unfinished English assignments. Read your “choice” novel. Review vocabulary/ Latin words. Start working on tonight's homework.

32 Scheduled Check out Please let me know as you enter the classroom. –I will be at the door. Quietly raise your hand to get my attention. Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time. If it is an emergency, quickly get my attention and I will assist you.

33 Turning in Papers Give them to one member of your group. Hand them to me.

34 Classroom Discussions PLEASE participate. I want to hear what you have to say. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion If your questions are off the topic, write them down and ask later. Listen to others as they speak and do not interrupt.

35 Moving Around the Room Throwing something away? It can wait Need a tissue? No need to ask Need to sharpen your pencil? Do before the tardy bell rings If you are leery of what to do, just ask. Make sure it is important though. Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency.

36 Class Dismissal The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Do not start packing up prior to the bell. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with “Have a nice day! ”

37 “Special” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis. Library/Media Center Special guests Progress Reports Working Cooperatively Fire Drill Intercom Announcements Assemblies Substitute Teacher

38 Have an awesome year! Ms. Burnett I truly believe in your potential and I know that you have the ability to succeed!

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