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By K. Steves, Librarian Cardinal Spellman High School.

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1 By K. Steves, Librarian Cardinal Spellman High School

2 PPA – Public Policy Analysis (PPA) will guide you through the problem solving skills necessary to public policy issues that affect all aspects of life We will use the following steps: Identify the nature of a social problem Gather evidence to support the existence of the problem Determine the causes and factors contributing to the problem Evaluate the existing policy Develop public policy alternatives Determine the best public policy solution to the problem


4 Plagiarism is a major issue in schools today

5 Definition Definition of PLAGIARIZE transitive verb : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source intransitive verb : to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source Merriam – Webster On Line Dictionary 2012

6 Some statistics According to U.S. News and World Report 80% of "high-achieving" high school students admit to cheating. 51% of high school students did not believe cheating was wrong. 95% of cheating high school students said that they had not been detected. Plagairisamdotorg 2010

7 Some Reasons Students Plagiarize Poor research skills Poor attitudes toward grades and schoolwork Poor time-management skills Perception that peers are cheating Skewed risk-reward assessments Plagiarism image by Webster University


9 Questions to consider Is “cutting and pasting” plagiarism if I use less that a paragraph? If I paraphrase an idea is it plagiarism? How do I avoid being accursed of plagiarism?


11 Document Your Sources Use a standard format document document scholarly borrowings Simple and concise MLA style

12 MLA Format Features brief parenthetical citations in the text keyed to an alphabetical list of works cited that appears at the end of the work.

13 Book Sources You will need to find Author Title Place – City of Publication Publisher Date – Year of copyright For an Anthology Author of essay Title of essay


15 Author Name of Website Website Sponsor Date Posted Date Accessed Databases provide citation information Internet Sources – Doing Research good on the Web is hard You must document you sources & find the:

16 Resources/ Solution The following Websites provide detailed information on Plagiarism: How to Recognize Plagiarism Plagiariam What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It Avoiding plagiarism Plagiarism -What is is and How to Recognize and avoid it Avoiding plagiarism Plagiarism -What is is and How to Recognize and avoid it Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

17 Resources of MLA Format The Librarian Pick up MLA review sheets Ask specific questions Use the following Websites MLA Format Purdue Owl MLA Citation Information

18 How Can You Avoid Plagiarism? Review at least two websites listed. List four ways to avoid plagiarism. Be prepared for a class discussion

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