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Modern Canadian Families

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1 Modern Canadian Families
Changes Effecting Family Present

2 Ethic of Individualism
The me generation Youth of the 60s were about “do your own thing” Rebellion against institutions like governments, organized religion or the family Family members began to lead separate lives

3 The Birth Control Pill Introduced in the 60s
Pregnancy could be controlled for the first time Sex outside of marriage and common-law relationships became accepted Married couples could limit the number of their children

4 Liberalization of Divorce Laws
In the past, couples had to prove adultery to get a divorce In 1968 couples could divorce after living apart for 3 years Now 40% of marriages end in divorce Causes rise in blended families, single parent families and lots of custody battles

5 Changing Women’s Roles
Women began attending universities and colleges in 60s Woman could choose to family and career Women moved into traditional male careers Men took on new roles The nanny

6 Decline of Family Wage In the past, the man’s wages were enough for family Cost of raising family has risen since 80s It may cost over $150,000 to raise a child to the age of 18

7 Smaller Families Rising costs have caused couples to delay having children Some families decide to have no children Fertility rate has declined in Canada, below the rate needed to maintain population

8 Aging of Society Baby boom generation (people born in 50s and 60s
Getting older and living longer The oldest boomers will reach age sixty-five by the year 2030

9 Effects of Aging Society
Will expect services like housing, and recreation, and healthcare Weaker family ties may lead governments to step in Will there be enough care givers? Will pension plans support the large number of seniors?

10 Advances in Technology
Machines now do dangerous backbreaking work done by people in the past Computers, electronics, robotics Now more healthy workplace

11 Improved Quality of Life
Central heating Medical advances Easy transportation Home entertainment

12 Downside of Technology
Working long hours Often have several jobs Can’t get away from work - cell phone Less family time Couch potatoes Destruction of environment

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