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2 Contents 1 Over View 2 Our Services 3 Major Work

3 Overview Zapdor Engineering is an emerging engineering consulting company comprising of professionals that provides independent expertise in designing and project management for its clients in construction domain and related areas to governments, industries and developers. Founded and managed by a group of highly trained professionals with multidisciplinary skills and a wide spectrum of experience in India, Zapdor Engineering undertakes several assignments on turnkey basis including Project Development, Design Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Value Engineering, Real Estate Advisory. Our team of experienced and responsive engineering consultants provides a “one stop” approach for total project delivery, offering clients highly buildable design solutions that satisfy their cost and time requirements.

4 Our Services Building Design Zapdor Zapdor Steel Structures
 Multi-story structures Industrial Structures  High-rise Buildings Content Layouts  Commercial/Institutional Complexes  Prestressed Concrete Structures

5 Our Major Work 2008 2005 2006 2007 Sewerage & Water Supply zapdor
Urban infrastructure zapdor Railway zapdor Highway & Roads zapdor 2005 2006 2007 2008

6 Urban Infrastructure The environment in which we live and work is undergoing tremendous changes. Pressures associated with population growth, urbanization, energy efficiency and water scarcity are driving ongoing private and government investment in the urban environments that sustain our societies and enable our lifestyles. Zapdor Engineering understand this environment. As a global provider of multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting services, project delivery and construction management expertise, Zapdor Engineering is well equipped to provide solutions to the challenges of the present and future. Our skills and experience combine to deliver well planned and cost effective urban infrastructure solutions to our customers.

7 Highway & Roads A diverse range of Highways, Bridges
The Road & highways team of the Zapdor Engineering has senior Engineers who have served in government sectors and have a relevant wide experience in the entire system of design, construction and Project Management. Our Specialization A diverse range of Highways, Bridges Pre-Feasibility Studies Pre-Bid and Tendering Feasibility Studies Site Investigations Project Planning Institutional Strengthening Construction Supervision

8 Railway Zapdor Engineering provides design and implementation services for all aspects of Urban Development. The Railway Division of the Zapdor Engineering has senior Engineers who have served in the Indian Railways and have a relevant wide experience in the entire system of design, construction and Project Management of Formation, Bridge Structures, Permanent way, Electrification, Signaling and Telecommunication. Vast experience of handling the Railway projects. Currently we are working for Magadh Micro Tower & Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. We are providing the complete support to Magadh from tendering to execution.

9 Sewerage & Water Supply
Water supply is the provision of water by public utilities, commercial organizations, community endeavors or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes. The sector offers limited scope for direct competition (natural monopoly). Firms operating in competitive markets are under constant pressure to outperform each other Our services Irrigation and Water Resources Management Storm Water Drainage Dams and Reservoirs Hydrology Water Quality Modeling Sewage Collection/Planning River Basin Planning/Training

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