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PG Cert HE Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching.

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1 PG Cert HE Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching

2 Mentor support and the Observation Process  Observation stages  Key dates  Records  Evidence  Professional development  Wider support

3 Peter Tunnicliffe - PG Cert HE Programme Leader Ext 2210 Room: E202 Fiona Shelton - PG Cert HE Programme Team Ext 2090 Room: E108b Melody Harrogate - PG Cert HE Programme Team Ext 1905 Room: E215

4 Observation Process 1.Student completes self-evaluation form 2.Student organises date for first observation 3.Student arranges meeting with PG Cert HE tutor 4.Resources/planning docs./module handbook made available 5.Observation takes place 6.PG Cert HE tutor and Subject Mentor meet to discuss joint feedback 7.Initial informal feedback 8.Formal written feedback 9.Student reflects, and 10.Formulates action plan 11.Second observation (PG Cert HE tutor only)

5 Key Dates (September 2014 cohort):  September 10 th – Induction, enrolment and first session 9.00-4.00pm, K104  September 24 th – Mentor meeting  October 29 th – First (paired) observation complete  December 10 th – Second observation complete  December 13 th – 6PP500 submission  April 22 nd – 7PP500 presentations  April 29 th – 7PP501 professional discussions  May 8 th – 7PP500 and 7PP501 submission  June 25 th – Assessment board  June 29 th – HEA Fellowship application

6 Records  Initial Self-evaluation  Written feedback  Action Plan Evidence collected Evidence against 12 topic areas for Module 7PP501 Reflective comments contributing to CW2 Module 6PP500

7 Professional Development Wider Support Range – 6 key meetings Research project (Module 7PP500) – topic selection Portfolio (Module 7PP501) – placing students own practice in the wider context of HE sector and broader provision

8 Programme modules: 6PP500 –Principles and Competences in Higher Education Teaching 7PP501 –The Application of the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching 7PP500 –Lecturer as Researcher

9 6PP500 –Principles and Competences in Higher Education Teaching  Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA)  Pedagogical theory and active practice  Autonomous and collaborative learning  Technology Enhanced Learning  Supporting students through Inclusive practice  Communities of practice  Internationalisation  Reflective practice

10 7PP500 –Lecturer as Researcher Scholarship applied at an individual level through review of academic literature: a negotiated project Current projects include: Teaching Chinese Students in an English HE environment What are the challenges for new academics in adopting student-centred approaches to teaching? Does the use of music or intentional background noise in a higher education classroom setting benefit the students learning experience? Teaching and learning in virtual worlds: Incorporating Second Life into the delivery of the law Curriculum

11 7PP501 –The Application of the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Learning Environments Learning Technologies Evaluating Own Practice Quality Enhancement Procedures Accessing Mentor Support Widening Participation Maintaining Professional Currency Respect for the Learner Scholarship in Teaching Assessment Feedback Learning Activity Design Models of Student Learning

12 Dimensions of the HEA UK Professional Standards Framework Areas of Activity Core Knowledge Profession al Values

13 Fellowship of HEA:  Successful engagement across all five Areas of Activity  Appropriate knowledge and understanding across all aspects of Core Knowledge  A commitment to Professional Values  Successful incorporation of subject and pedagogic research and/or scholarship within the above activities, as part of an integrated approach to academic practice  Successful engagement in CPD in relation to teaching, learning and assessment and, where appropriate, related professional practices

14 Useful documents and websites: (to start with!)  UKPSF (HEA website:  Subject benchmarks (QAA website:  Learning and Teaching Strategy (UoD website:

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