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Leo Greiner schedule 2008-041 Evolution of Tasks and Schedule.

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1 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-041 Evolution of Tasks and Schedule

2 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-042 Talk Structure Previous tasks and schedule. Evolution of those tasks and schedule. Current and future tasks with a first pass at a schedule. This is meant to begin a discussion.

3 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-043 Schedule as of October 2007 meeting at IPHC Missing dependency Moves start of this task to August

4 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-044 Tasks evolution from last meeting In this time frame, LBNL had essentially 3 main tasks that ran in parallel – 1.Mimostar-3 individual test board and Mimostar-3 individual chip testing. 2.RDO board and system design. 3.Mimostar-3 based cable infrastructure test.

5 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-045 Tasks Status / Evolution – Mimostar-3 individual testing Individual testing – revealed the same pixel problems detailed by IPHC. Of three Mimostar-3 sensors bonded, one was non- functional, one operated as expected and one functioned in our test mode but showed digital problems in modes not used in our tests. We pursued individual testing including sectioning through vias to try to locate the problems observed. More from MS. This led to the report generated and this avenue of testing is considered completed. It may be opened again after Mimostar-3 correction and resubmission.

6 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-046 Tasks Evolution – RDO board design and infrastructure cable testing Prototyping is an essential component for any large and complex system design, thus we decided to pursue the RDO data path test. The Mimostar-3 yield was deemed to be too low for us to gather enough useful information from a cable infrastructure test, it was decided to integrate an abbreviated infrastructure test into the RDO data path test. The RDO data path cable mockup test validates some but not all of the initial tests to be done with the Mimostar-3 based system and gives confidence that a Phase-1 based system cable test is a reasonable approach. The success of the RDO data path test leads to a later cable infrastructure test based on Phase-1 instead of Mimostar-3 which is a better and more realistic test.

7 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-047 Updated / Evolved Tasks A schedule is shown on the next pages in both Gantt chart and Network diagram formats. The Network diagram is particularly useful to understand the flow. This is intended as the basis for the beginning of a discussion of tasks and how they would fit into a schedule. As shown, hardware tasks include firmware and software development as needed.

8 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-048 Tasks Gantt

9 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-049 Network Diagram - Look at this diagram on the larger printed version -

10 Leo Greiner schedule 2008-0410 fin

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