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Produced by: Ivan Holman. Wall Street says: We just wanted to help those who really needed a loan.

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1 Produced by: Ivan Holman

2 Wall Street says: We just wanted to help those who really needed a loan.

3 But their actions say different!

4 It was easy to get money… and everyone was happy

5 Money for college… a new home.

6 All you had to do was sign a few papers with a friendly banker. And the money was yours. Where do I sign In blood will be fine right here.

7 But then things changed

8 And that banker didn’t look so friendly anymore

9 Now everyone’s talking about the “R” word

10 Now we have to help the banks!?

11 they didn’t have much to say. Funny. When I asked them for help…

12 The banks really showed me something!

13 But we did learn something from all of this. AND

14 And the most important lesson from it all…

15 Group Activity With a partner, decide upon the following: 1.Who do you think holds more blame for the financial crisis; the lenders or the people getting the loans? Explain your answer. 2.Is there anyone else who you think is responsible for this financial crisis? Why or why not? 3.What can, and should, the government do to prevent something like this from happening again?

16 References Slide 1 - Slide 2 - Slide 3 - content/uploads/2008/09/wallstreetbull.jpg content/uploads/2008/09/wallstreetbull.jpg Slide 4 - 299x300.jpg 299x300.jpg Slide 5 - content/uploads/2010/01/flipping-homes-cash.jpg content/uploads/2010/01/flipping-homes-cash.jpg Slide 6 - 82807033151.gif 82807033151.gif Slide 7 - foreclosure.jpg foreclosure.jpg Slide 8 - Slide 9 - Slide 10 - Slide 11 - ok.jpg ok.jpg Slide 13 - alphanumeric/112601-glowing-purple-neon-icon-alphanumeric-equal-sign.png alphanumeric/112601-glowing-purple-neon-icon-alphanumeric-equal-sign.png alphanumeric/128129-simple-red-square-icon-alphanumeric-equal-sign.png alphanumeric/128129-simple-red-square-icon-alphanumeric-equal-sign.png Slide 14 -


18 Reflection This was my first year teaching business and economics, and quite often I would find myself discussing the causes of the financial meltdown of 2008, and the subsequent recession. One of my students gave me a movie by Michael Moore, Capitalism: A Love Story. This was an excellent film that pretty much summed up the financial crisis - as much as could be done in an hour and half film. When I discuss this topic next school year, I hope that this PowerPoint presentation will serve as an interesting introduction to this meltdown. Using the images made this story much more fun to tell, and hopefully more interesting to hear. Imagery can tell so much more than words alone, and images also allow the audience to use their imagination within the context of the presentation. I definitely would like to use this type of presentation in my classes, but it's just a matter of finding the time. Perhaps I'll get better, and more efficient with my time in making presentations like this, and then I can incorporate this style even more into my lessons.

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