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Student Financial Support Lee Harrison Senior Student Financial Support Adviser.

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1 Student Financial Support Lee Harrison Senior Student Financial Support Adviser

2 Introduction Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) Scholarships, Bursaries and Trusts Practical steps Support from the University

3 Tuition fees Bursary & loan Lone Parent Grant Dependants Grant Vacation Grant for Care Leavers Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

4 Scholarships, Bursaries & Trusts What support are you looking for? Check eligibility Making your application

5 Practical steps Maximise your income Do a budget Review your spending Address problem debt

6 Support from the University

7 Emergency Aid Fund Interest free loan to bridge a short term gap in your finances A repayment date is set that is manageable for you.

8 Income Source Amount Per Month YouPartner Student Loan (SAAS/Student Finance)££ SAAS/SFE/SFNI/SFW: Bursary/Maintenance Grant££ SAAS Lone Parent Grant££ Professional and Career Development Loan (for living costs)££ Trusts/Scholarships££ Family Contribution££ Wages (NET i.e., take home pay)££ Working Tax Credits££ Child Tax Credits££ Child Benefit££ Child Maintenance££ Employment and Support Allowance££ Income Support££ Job Seekers Allowance££ Housing Benefit££ Carer’s Allowance££ Pension££ Other income e.g. from rent/lettings: Write details here: ££££££ ££££££ Do you have any savings? Please detail any over £500££ Other (specify):££ ££ Sub Total(s)££ TOTAL£ Discretionary Fund

9 ExpenditureAmount Per Month Rent / Mortgage / Accommodation Payment£ Gas / Electricity£ Council Tax£ Travel to/from University£ Travel costs for visits home (if family home is over 50 miles from Glasgow)£ Healthcare / Special Diets£ Insurance(s), e.g. building and contents, life£ Food/Household£250 per adult / £125 per child Mobile£25 per adult / £15 per child Telephone/Internet£25 per household Study/Books£20 per application Entertainment/Social£25 per person TOTAL£ Outgoings

10 DebtTotal Outstanding BalanceMinimum Monthly PaymentOffice Use Credit/Store Card(s):  Loan(s) (Not including student loan):  Other Debts:  Debts

11 SUPPORTING STATEMENT/PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES Please give a detailed statement of your circumstances in support of your application for financial assistance. You should include: Any exceptional/necessary expenditure not covered in this form If you are not working, please indicate why Personal or family circumstances that affect you financially Personal or family health issues or disabilities Commercial credit unavailable due to previous financial difficulties If you have a car, state why this is essential If you do not receive funding for fees or living costs you must state what other arrangements you have put in place to support yourself and any dependants during your studies. We have included a blank space for you on page 7, however a typed statement would be preferable

12 Checklist for Supporting Evidence If living with a partner – provide paperwork for partner. You must provide photocopies - originals will not be returned. Confirm Attached Office Use Only Supporting Statement  SAAS / Student Finance Award Notice  Evidence of any other Scholarship/Bursary, Professional and Career Development Loan or support from funding council or other organisation  Copy of latest 3 months bank statements for ALL household accounts (you and your partner’s), including savings accounts.  Earnings – Copies of 3 months recent wage slips.  Tax Credits – Copy of ALL pages of most recent award notice.  Benefits – Copy of ALL pages of most recent Benefit Award Letters.  Evidence of income from any other source (e.g. from rent).  Debt (Monthly Payments) – Provide recent credit card/store card/loan statements showing minimum monthly payment and amount outstanding. Letters of agreed monthly repayments of other debts and arrears (excluding debt to family and friends).  Check list

13 Discretionary Fund Summary Ensure you complete all the information List all income you receive List all outgoings Complete supporting statement Check what documents you need to supply from the checklist

14 Childcare Fund Section B: To be filled in by the student Please give us details of contributions you receive towards childcare from other sources such as working tax credits childcare element. Please provide the names and dates of birth for your children who are in registered childcare. Contributions towards childcare costs you expect to receive from other sources between 1 St September 2015 and 31 st May 2016: Office Use Working Tax Credits – Childcare Element££ Other Sources (please detail): Details of children (only include those who have registered childcare) Children’s Full name(s) Date(s) of Birth

15 Month No. of sessions or hours per week Weekly Cost Total for month 1 st September – 30 th September £ £ 1 st October – 31 st October £ £ 1 st November – 30 th November £ £ 1 st December – 31 st December £ £ Total:£ Childcare provider Annexe A

16 Childcare checklist Checklist for Supporting Evidence You must provide photocopies - originals will not be returned. Confirm Attached Office Use Only SAAS Award Notice  Proof of student loan payments e.g. student loan schedule or evidence of payment entering bank account  Tax Credits – Copy of ALL pages of most recent award notice  Annex A completed by Childcare Provider 

17 Apply for all SAAS support Apply for bursaries, scholarships and trust as applicable Work out a budget and stick to it as best you can If your struggling apply for the discretionary fund Apply early for your childcare costs to be covered Summary

18 Contact details Student Financial Support Team Advice Centre Level 1 McCance Building 16 Richmond Street Glasgow G1 1XQ Telephone: 0141-548-2753 Email: Web:

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