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ECoSentric is a non for profit organisation that builds community energy groups that own and manage their own energy futures through innovation, engineering.

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1 eCoSentric is a non for profit organisation that builds community energy groups that own and manage their own energy futures through innovation, engineering and project delivery. Our central objectives is to generate jobs through projects and innovation. eCoSentric manages a community of regional areas and international partners through an online system called the eCo.System that manages information and projects from start to finish. It also manages the collaboration and communication between regions to facilitate ideas into reality. In partnership with the regions, we empower local communities with ideas to build renewable energy infrastructure that supplies power and through energy efficiency programs, reduce the cost of power in industry and domestic use. Our business model, once established delivers revenue into the community for projects, via the community energy group in the region. We are changing the energy market, making it cleaner, cheaper and putting control back into the community hands where it belongs. Overview

2 Our partnership is based on strengthening and utilizing local assets, talents and resources to promote your region as a great place to live and work. Our brand empowers your people and opens opportunity by linking you into other regions that have delivered renewable energy solutions and are open to sharing their experience. The journey starts by examining your region's sustainability plans and its outcomes, then understanding what role renewable energy has in it and finally determining what projects and investments are required to achieve the outcomes. If your region does not have a sustainability plan or community energy group then we can help to establish them. Once we are established in partnership, your community group will have a: Project Management Office to deliver intiatives Business and Governance Model to find investment and deliver the benefits Online Network of Engineering, Vendors and other eCoSentric regions to collaborate with and share ideas Education, Academic, Engineering and Commercial Services available How does it work?

3 Industries Health and Aged Care Water and Waste Management Irrigation and Farming Renewable Energy Generation Systems Agriculture and Food Manufacturing Education, Research and Training Projects Energy Efficiency Audits, Implementations and Support for industry and households Waste Management - system and process design, energy generation design, efficacy programs and investment planning Energy generation design, implementation and support for Biomass, Solar, Wind and Hydro Industry energy audits and efficiency programs for Dairy, Farming, Supply Chain and Food Production Health industry energy audits Residential and Community Energy Projects (Solar, Wind) What industries and projects do we work with?

4 An initial discussion to understand the potential, objectives and constraints of your region A trade plan to identify what existing project and services can be utilised in your region Write a sustainability plan Build a community energy group. Create a project roadmap Write a renewable energy strategy How to get started in your region

5 Our work with regional community groups has the objective of creating jobs, reducing the cost of energy and delivering projects, our outcomes are: Jobs Training and Education programs Work force development for local groups Cheaper energy and growing independence from the ‘grid’ Developing a better economy and improving investment confidence for projects The types of projects we typically work with include: Generation assets like Solar Farms, Biomass converters, wind and water solutions Energy Efficiency programs for industry Waste Management solutions What do we deliver?

6 eCoSentric GVCE eCoSentric provides: Engineering services Project management and delivery tools IT and engineering systems, management and support Renewable Technologies Partnerships International Trade Relations and Promotion to Latin America Business and Operating Model to mobilize the above in partnership eCoSentric’s brand represents the business, connections and links between regions and internationally for supporting the community energy model and project outcomes GVCE as a regional community body works in partnership with eCoSentric to leverage its services to strengthen its own capabilities The partnership is complimentary and the regional body always retains its identify and front position for promotion In partnership, the planning for outcomes, investment and projects utilises the network of other partners to design the best solution This project planning follows the principle of branding above The principle of a ‘ball-socket’ relationship applies to mean that eCoSentric’s services, objectives and coverage supports a regional body, which is a member of the large network. This applies to other regions. The Partnership Model

7 The eCo.System eCo.System Business Case Project Delivery Business Operations University Training RTOs Community Business Government Chilean Counterparts Jobs Training Solutions Projects Sustainab ility Plan Business outcomes Project Pipeline Educate Collaborate Design/Deliver Engineering Companies

8 Stakeholder Wheel eCo.Sentric InternationalBusinessRTOsUniversitiesCommunityGovernment

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