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Grains, Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds

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1 Grains, Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds
Chapter 17

2 Three Main Parts of a Grain
Endosperm(inner) -endosperm is high in complex carbs and proteins Bran (outer layer) -bran is rich in fiber and B vitamins Germ(embryo that grows into a plant) -germ has vitamin B and E and some minerals

3 Buying Grains Choose whole grain as much as possible
If not whole grain at least enriched Low in fat, sugar added, and sodium

4 Rice Short grains-(round)-sticks together when cooked (creamy dishes)
Medium grains-(plumps)-sticks together but not as much as short grains Long grains-fluffy and stay separated after being cooked Brown rice-whole grain but out hull has been removed Converted rice-has been briefly boiled to save nutrients Instant rice-precooked and dehydrated *fiber contents varies between rice's*

5 Grains Barley-mild flavor used in soups and stews Bran's (hot cereal)
Bulgur-wheat kernels have been steamed, dried, & crushed tender & creamy(salads) Cornmeal-dried corn used in breakfast cereals Couscous-nutty flavor used in cereal, salad, and dishes Cracked wheat-tough and chewy and is added to bread Grits-endosperm of corn

6 Grains cont’d…. Kasha-roasted buckwheat, nutty flavor (breakfast)
Millet-yellow grain, staple in Europe, breads and breakfast Oats-oatmeal Quinoa-ivory, rice like grain with neutral flavor;good for side dishes Triticale-mix between wheat and rye can be added to other grains Wheat berries-whole, unprocessed wheat, cereal Pasta-(Italian for paste) Breads comes in assorted favors and shapes -leavened breads-have a leavening agent(yeast)

7 Storing Whole grain and whole grain products need to be refrigerated
Uncooked grains in a tight covered container Breads at room temp. for short-term Cooked grain in refrigerator

8 Cooking Grains Need to be prepared in liquid
Rice simmers in just the amount of liquid it can absorb Cook pasta until al dente is reached (never rinse pasta after cooking)

9 Legumes (beans dried) Grouped with protein
Can serve as a vegetable and a protein Legumes and grains have amino acids that the others lacks Legumes continue to dry out so only purchase what you will use in six months Store in dry cool place Soak beans to reduce cooking time

10 Nuts and Seeds In the meat group
Can benefit the heart if eaten healthy

11 Processing The outer layer is removed so the kernel can be used
Whole grain -the whole kernel that is edible The bran and germ are removed to make white flour Enrichment- nutrients are added back to the product after processing Fortification-adding 10% or more of the DV to a product by the manufacturer *6-11 daily servings of grain products*

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