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Squatter settlements.

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1 Squatter settlements

2 What hardships might the people who live here face?



5 Squatter settlement: areas of cities (usually outskirts) built by people of any materials they can find. Also known as shanty towns or favelas. Informal sector: jobs are created by people, but not recognised officially. Such as doing someone's washing or fixing bicycles).

6 Key ideas – Squatter settlement:
The houses are made of materials nearby such as corrugated iron and pieces of board. The shack may have a living area separate from a sleeping area and is overcrowded with no toilets. A nearby stream with sewage in would be used for washing. Water must be collected at a cost and rubbish is not collected so filth and disease are a problem. Crime is a problem and children often don’t go to school.

7 Self help: local authorities help the squatter settlement residents to improve their homes by offering loans or grants. Site and service: land is divided into plots and water, sanitation, electricity are supplied before any building takes.

8 Kibera – a squatter settlement

9 Kibera is a shanty town/slum of poor quality
Kibera is a shanty town/slum of poor quality. As with shanties in many less developed countries of the world, it began as temporary housing, but is becoming more permenant by the day! Most residents came from poor rural areas or country towns, but with few skills of use in urban areas and little savings. Others are young adults from poor areas of the city setting up their first homes. Unemployment is not an option. They have to do something to survive.

10 A different perspective

11 Exam Q: Complete the sentences below to describe some features of squatter settlements. Choose the correct words from the following list. (planned/ unplanned/ disease/ expensive/ food/ migrant/ wealthy/ scrap) Squatter settlements are___________ . They house____________ families who come from the countryside. The houses are built out of ________materials. The problem of __________ is often made worse by open sewers. (3)

12 Kibera, a squatter settlement in Nairobi, Kenya
Key points about Kibera settlement: -Up to 1 million people live here -Area the size of 255ha - Location map: ‘Kibera is a slum of hope’ vs. ‘Kibera is a slum of despair’ - because Improvements to Kibera: -Practical Action: -UN-Habitat: -World Bank: -Comic Relief: -Gap year students: -Kenyan government:

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