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The Web Wizards Guide to Freeware/Shareware Chapter Two Downloading and Installing Software.

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1 The Web Wizards Guide to Freeware/Shareware Chapter Two Downloading and Installing Software

2 Chapter Objectives To find out where to look for good software on the Internet To become familiar with downloading procedures To learn how to deal with various software installation scenarios

3 Before You Start Read Chapter Two from start to finish before you download and install any new software on your computer. This is one place where you dont want to learn things the hard way.

4 Software Clearinghouses A large, popular clearinghouse for online software is your best bet for reliable, high- quality software. Always check all new software with an up-to- date antivirus program, no matter where you got the software. Tucows, CNet, ZDNet, and DaveCentral are examples of good software clearinghouses.

5 Software Reviews If you have choices and you arent sure what to choose, read some software reviews. A good software review can save you a lot of time and frustration. Professional reviewers can be trusted give you an objective evaluation. Reviews written by casual users can also provide useful information, but make sure you look at more than one or two to get a representative sampling. CNet gives you reviews written by software editors as well as user reviews.

6 Before You Download Make sure you have the right version for your computer. Make sure your anti virus software is up-to- date. Make sure your virus scanner is running in the background – or remember to scan your download manually right after the download.

7 When You Download Make sure you save the file to your hard drive (dont open it without saving it). Pay attention to which directory is receiving the file – or put all your downloads in the a directory just for downloads. Use a download manager for large downloads over slow Internet connections.

8 Before You Install Shut down all other running applications. Be prepared to turn off your anti-virus software if the installer tells you to do so. If you downloaded file, isolate it in its own folder and unzip it using a file utility. Be certain your anti-virus software checked out the download. Run your virus scanner manually if you arent 100% sure.

9 Executable Installers Launch the installer by doubleclicking the installer icon. Read everything the installer has to say and follow its instructions. If the installer gives you some options and you arent sure which one to take, stay with the default choice. If there is a README file, read it.

10 Ready-To-Go Executables Check the softwares official Web site for announcements, updates, instructions, or documentation (look for README files). Launch the program by doubleclicking the softwares file icon. Dont look for an uninstaller – if you ever want to remove the software, just delete the executable file.

11 ActiveX Installers This is a software installation that combines the downloading process and the installing process in one button click. You need to be running Internet Explorer under Windows to run an ActiveX installer. Watch for browser warnings about unsigned programs or suspicious Authenticode certificates. If you see a warning of any kind, terminate the installation.

12 Personal Firewalls A firewall protects you from unwanted hacker intrusions. A firewall will also protect your privacy by thwarting ET applications. Firewalls can be customized so they dont interfere with normal Internet activites Anyone who needs to be online for extended periods of time should install a firewall.

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