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REVISED 2/07 TH MLXchange SEARCH SETTINGS AND FLASHES Log on to MLXchange and select Search from the tabs along the top. The default search page will.

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2 REVISED 2/07 TH MLXchange SEARCH SETTINGS AND FLASHES Log on to MLXchange and select Search from the tabs along the top. The default search page will appear. For demonstration purposes, we will use the following scenario: Joe and Jane Smith came through the open house you held earlier today at one of your listings. While it didn’t meet their needs, they did give you some criteria as to what it is they are trying to find. They’ve agreed to allow you to send them information on homes that meet their criteria. Now you are at your computer and want to run the search based on their criteria to see what is currently available. You also want to set them up to receive the flash notifications for any new listings, price changes, etc.

3 REVISED 2/07 TH Here are the criteria Joe and Jane Smith provided for you : 1. North Hills or North Allegheny School District 2. Between $175,000 and $225,000 3. At least 3 bedrooms 4. At least 2 full baths 5. Single Family 6. At least a 2 car integral or attached garage 7. Must have a first floor master bedroom In MLXCHANGE, oftentimes there is more than one way to gather the information. The criteria of the school district is one that can be searched three different ways: By area # if you know which areas are served by the particular school district. By school district By map area

4 REVISED 2/07 TH Begin to enter your search criteria. School District Price At least 3 bedrooms At least 2 full baths Single family (select residential but realize that some town homes may still come up because of how they have been entered into the system) At least a 2 car garage integral or attached First floor master bedroom To search for properties with first floor masters, click on the “Add more search criteria” tab at the bottom of the page. An extensive list will pop up – scroll down until you reach “Master Bedroom Level”. Click on it to add it to the main list. The Master Bedroom Level feature will be added to the bottom of the standard list. Scroll down to it and select Equals and M (for Main).

5 REVISED 2/07 TH You’ve now added all of the criteria that the Smiths had given to you. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the drop down menu labeled “Action”. Click on the arrow and then select “Save As New Search”. Then click the green arrow. A new screen will pop up titled “Saved Search Settings”. We will name this search “HOMES FOR MY BUYER”. You can also add a description of the search. The last line is labeled “Link To Client”. Click on the Add Contact button to add the contact information for Joe and Jane Smith.

6 REVISED 2/07 TH A new box will open. Enter as much information about the Smiths as you have. Because Joe and Jane each have separate e-mail addresses, enter each one. When you have finished entering the information, click Save. Once you have clicked Save, it will return you to the Saved Search Settings Screen. At this point you have two options, you can click “OK” and return to the main search page OR you can click on Notification Settings to set up a flash.

7 REVISED 2/07 TH To set up the flash, click on the Notification Settings tab. There are several options in this area. You can choose who the report will go to, which view they will see, and how often they will receive the updates. To send it to Joe and Jane Smith, first check the box that says “Yes, enable auto-notification for this search.” Check the box that says “Send report to these clients.” Click on the “Modify recipients list”. A full list of all clients you have entered into the system will appear. Click on the first e-mail address for the Smiths to highlight it and then click on the right arrow to move it to the recipients list. Repeat this with the second e-mail address for the Smiths and then click OK.

8 REVISED 2/07 TH You will return to the “Saved Search Settings” page. The two e-mail addresses for the Smiths will now be in the box. Select a report to send to them. Email View is selected in the example. You can also choose to send the message to yourself. Full/Photo view is selected in the example. The default message (shown in box on right) will be sent with each notification unless you click on the “Edit the notification message” link and customize it.

9 REVISED 2/07 TH The final selection in this section is the Frequency of the messages. Depending on how broad or narrow your search criteria is, your client may receive many e-mails a day, or only a few a week. If you select ASAP, the flash is sent out to your client (and to you if you’ve chosen to receive a copy) within 20 minutes of a listing being entered into the system. You can also choose daily or monthly. The default number of days for the notification is 60. You can set it for less if desired. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the notification expires so that you can go back in to reset the number of days. The flash is now set up and both you and the Smiths will be notified when there is activity matching their criteria. Go back to the results page for your search and you can view the initial matches. These initial matches will NOT be e-mailed through flash.

10 REVISED 2/07 TH To send the initial search results to the Smiths, select the “Send Email” option from the Action drop down list (bottom left corner). On the pop up screen, select “All Visible Records”. You can also select which report to send. When you are finished, click OK. The Send E-Mail screen will appear. It will have “Property for you” as the default subject and a default message. You can change and/or customize each of these if you would like.

11 REVISED 2/07 TH Although you set up the flash notification to be sent to e-mail addresses for both Joe and Jane, sending an e-mail through the main system only brings up the primary e- mail address for the client. To add additional recipients, click on the link at the right. This will bring up your full client list. As you did before when setting up the flash. Highlight the name and e-mail address you want to add and then click either To> CC> or Bcc> to add it to the list. Click OK when you are finished. You will return to the Send E-mail screen. Click Send at the bottom right to send your message.

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