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Are You Connected?. Using McGraw-Hill digital products to improve your performance The specific resources available for this course and how they will.

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1 Are You Connected?

2 Using McGraw-Hill digital products to improve your performance The specific resources available for this course and how they will improve your grade Where to purchase your course materials How to Earn a Better Grade in this Course

3 What Connect Means to YOU Average Course Grades C+  B+ Helps you manage your time most effectively Works with you to customize a plan for achieving greater performance Provides feedback and analysis to support your learning needs

4 Improved Performance with Connect Students who use Connect are: more successful in the course and receive higher grades than their peers not using Connect.

5 LearnSmart is a proven adaptive learning program to help you learn faster, study more efficiently and retain more knowledge. What LearnSmart Means to You?

6 Students who use LearnSmart: receive higher grades and spend less time studying than their peers not using LearnSmart. Improved Performance with LearnSmart

7 Go Fully Digital Connect Plus – Best Option All digital, includes the Connect eBook and access to assignments Visit your campus bookstore Print Text + Connect Plus Includes everything within Connect Plus and the printed textbook You have choices!

8 Part of your grade: Your instructor is requiring Connect for this course. Portable: Access all of the required online assignments, an eBook, and study resources from any computer. Price: Connect Plus is typically HALF the price of the printed textbook. Connect Plus The Best Value and Experience

9 Purchasing Options Package contents Price at bookstore $188 Connect Plus No printed textbook Online purchase price $111.75 Connect – no eBook included You will need a copy of the printed book Online purchase price $52.99 Price of components if purchased separately! Save $50 by purchasing at the bookstore $240

10 McGraw-Hill Education | Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Already Bought Your Book? LearnSmart is designed to maximize your productivity and efficiency. LearnSmart is proven to improve grades and it is designed to maximize your study time. Used for any course – even if you’re not using a McGraw-Hill product. Want LearnSmart as a study aid for other courses? – Purchase LearnSmart at for as little as $ Discover

11 SMARTBOOK is the first and only adaptive reading experience. Provides you with “high impact minutes” of study time. In other words, SMARTBOOK will give you the most critical information you need at that moment in time. The more time you spend in the program the better it gets to know and adapt to you. With SMARTBOOK, you will learn faster and more efficiently. You will also earn higher grades if used in accordance with the syllabus and as a way to prep for lecture. SMARTBOOK

12 Four Phases 1.Preview: Provides an expectation of what you are going to learn about and should be reading for. 2.Read: Highlights the most critical information in the text. Yellow Highlights means you have shown no competency in this area. Green highlights mean you have answered this probe correct in the past but may need to reinforce. 3.Practice: This is the phase where you complete your assigned activities. Getting your progress to 100% = 100% for your grade on that assignment. Pay attention to the confidence buttons. Answering truthfully will help the program adapt to you and save your study time. 4.Recharge: SMARTBOOK can predict what you are most likely to forget and the rate at which you will forget certain topics unique to you. You must recharge to perform well on exams. Buy It at Try now and save 15% when you use code SPRINGSTUDENT at checkout!


14 Highlights What You Need to Read

15 Already Bought Your Book? Discover LearnSmart

16 Powerful Reports

17 How to register 1.Click on the course link provided by your instructor 2.Click on register now and follow the prompts Three Options: 1.Enter you access code purchased in the bookstore 2.Purchase access online 3.Start a free three week trial

18 Call, email, chat! Tech Support & FAQ: (800) 331-5094 ( Monday – Thursday 9AM – 12AM Friday 9AM – 7PM Sunday 7PM – 12AM NOTE: If you contact your instructor with a technical question, you will be asked to provide a case number from tech support before your concern is escalated. Need Help?

19 Want LearnSmart as a study aid for all your classes? Purchase standalone LearnSmart modules at for as little as $25. Use Promo Code SPRINGSTUDENT to save 15% off through March 31 st 2014

20 Become a MGH Student Ambassador! McGraw-Hill Education is looking for students across the nation to be a part of our Student Ambassador program. Looking to Build your Resume? Need a letter of recommendation from a Fortune 300 company? Want real world experience building your communications skills? Did you have a successful semester with Connect? Enjoy working with your peers? Like to compete for cash prizes and trips? If you answered “yes” to the questions above then you may love being a McGraw-Hill Student Ambassador! To learn more about this awesome opportunity please email or APPLY TODAY and our team will set up a time to speak with you!studentambassadors@mcgraw-hill.comAPPLY TODAY *Actual McGraw-Hill Student Ambassadors. Hear their stories at


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