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1 Outline Goals & Principles Approach & Delivery Accessing TA –Online resources: Solution Center –Provider network: Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Next Steps

2 Goal: To provide Recovery Act recipients with the tools, resources and assistance needed to implement sustainable clean energy programs that support job creation and energy reductions at the state, local, and tribal level. Goals & Principles Guiding Principles  Team Approach HQ Technical Assistance Team DOE Project Officers Regional Coordinating Teams Provider Network TA Infrastructure  Streamlined assistance, minimizing layers of bureaucracy  Dynamic and flexible framework, capable of responding to your needs and growing as demand requires

3 Approach Deploying regional coordinators that 1) connect grantees to technical assistance resources and 2) identify emerging trends and training needs Focusing on highly leveraged projects that maximize the ratio of private investment to ARRA funds Designing policies and programs that extend beyond the Recovery Act period Resource Delivery Online: best practices, webinars, project map, templates, events calendar, community forum Provider network: one-on-one assistance, workshops, peer matching Approach & Delivery

4 Accessing TA: Online Resources Solution Center 2.0 live now: Resources include: best practices, templates, webinars, project map, events calendar, community forum

5 Accessing TA: Provider Network Make a request for direct technical assistance here or call 1-877-EERE-TAP (1-877-337-3827) Technical Assistance Center live now:

6 Accessing TA: Provider Network Requests are evaluated and assigned Criteria, which may be considered in determining the level and type of technical assistance: –Will the TA support the intended benefits of the Recovery Act? –Are local TA resources available? –Is the TA critical to the successful completion of the project? –Will the TA expedite the project's completion? –Will it lead to a sustainable program or project? A network of experts – including representatives from Natl. Labs and teams of specialists in the fields of financing, performance contracting, program design and implementation, and state and local capacity building – will respond to requests

7 Provider Network Resources State and Local Capacity Building Trainings Workshops Peer-to-peer matching Technical Renewable energy siting and development Review of technical specs for RFPs Strategic planning, energy management, and conservation strategies Green building technologies Building codes Program Design and Implementation Policy and program development Coordinating rate-payer funded dollars with ARRA projects and programs Sustainable community and building design State and regional EE and RE assessments and planning EE and RE portfolio program design elements Financial Program design support and guidance on financing mechanisms such as: Revolving loan funds (RLFs) Property-assessed clean energy (PACE) Loan loss reserves and enhanced credit mechanisms Performance Contracting Designing and implementing a performance contract Leveraging private investment Reducing institutional barriers Tracking and comparing programs

8 TA Delivery Summary G R A N T E E Request Touch Points  Grantees  Project Officers (Acct Reps)  Regional Coordinators  TA Provider Network & TAP  Website  Call Center Recommendations Types of Resources One-on-One Solution Center Workshops Peer Matching NERVE CENTER T R I A G E B A S I C TA Assignment S T A N D A R D Specialized HQ EXCEPTION Feedback

9 Next Steps Outreach and marketing –Letters/email blasts –Webinars –EECBG road show –Coordinators Needs assessment Feedback

10 Thank You! The TA Team is here to be a resource to you. We encourage you to: Explore our online resources via the Solution CenterSolution Center Submit a request via the Technical Assistance CenterTechnical Assistance Center Ask questions via our Call Center at 1-877-337-3827

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