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Anatomy & Physiology Muscular System.

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1 Anatomy & Physiology Muscular System

2 Muscles Bundle of muscle fibers held together by connective tissue
All muscles have: Excitability (responsive) Contractibility (becomes short, thick) Extensibility (stretched) Elasticity (return to it original shape)

3 Types of Muscle Cardiac Smooth Skeletal Involuntary Contracts heart
Lines hollow organs Skeletal Voluntary Causes body movement

4 Muscle Movements Adduction Abduction Flexion Extension Rotation
Muscle attach to bones by tendons Adduction Moving a body part toward the midline Abduction Moving a body part away from the midline Flexion Bending a body part Extension Straightening a body part Rotation Turning side to side Circumduction Moving a joint in a circle

5 Major Muscle Groups Sternocleidomastoid (turns & flexes neck)
Trapezius (extends head & moves shoulders) Deltoid (moves arms; injection site) Biceps (flexes lower arm) Triceps (extends lower arm) Pectoralis major (moves & flexes upper arm)

6 Major Muscle Groups Intercostal muscles {Not on diagram}
(Moves ribs for breathing) Rectus abdominus (compress abdomen) Latissimus dorsi (extends & moves upper arms) Gluteus maximus (extends thigh; injection site)

7 Major Muscle Groups Sartorius (moves thighs & flexes leg)
Quadriceps (extends leg) Tibialis anterior (moves foot) Gastrocnemius (moves foot)

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