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Warm-Up (Act 4 Activator)

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1 Warm-Up (Act 4 Activator)
This girl or guy needs a prom date. You have been challenged to make him/her over and get him/her a date with one of your friends. What would you do to him/her to help them gain acceptance into your group? Why would you make these changes?

2 Act 4 So far, how has Eliza been “made over”? In what ways has Professor Higgins helped transform her? What transformations do you think she still might need, if any?

3 Pygmalion Notes You are responsible for creating your own notes for each act. You will be able to use them on your assessment, so it will work in your favor to create yourself some awesome notes for each act! For each act, I will give you vocabulary you need to know as well as any background information. I would recommend that you make notes as we read – anything we talk about, quotes we discuss in depth, etc… write it down if you think it’s important. You will answer questions for each act on these pages as well. Basically, these pages you create in your notebook are your record of the work and thought you put in during this unit, and they will be graded.

4 Act 4 Characters in Act 4: Higgins Pickering Liza

5 Act 4 Discuss the off-screen embassy ball/ambassador’s garden party where “Miss Eliza Doolittle” wins Higgins’ bet for him against Colonel Pickering by making everyone at the party believe she is a duchess (In the film, this is the horse race.) How do you think Higgins, Pickering, and Eliza each felt during this final test of Eliza’s training? Do you believe Pickering wanted to win the bet? Why or why not?

6 Act 4 – Literature Circles
In groups of 4, you’ll read Act 4. Each person needs to read 1 role and have 1 job. Word Wizard: Identify 5 unknown vocabulary words Quizzical Questioner: Record at least 5 questions you and your group have about the characters and/or events in Act 4. Keep a list as you read. Conscientious Connector: Identify at least 5 connections between the characters, setting, and/or events in Act 4 and the lives of you and your peers. Imaginative Illustrator: Select a key scene from Act 4 and draw it below – must be neat, creative, and colored. You must also write a 2-3 sentence explanation of your drawing on the lines provided. **You will get a group work grade as well as an individual grade for your job.

7 Act 4 Discussion Questions: 1) How do Higgins and Pickering talk and act when they arrive home from the ball? How does Eliza feel in response to their discussion and actions? Why does Eliza feel this way? How does Higgins respond to her actions? 2) What is the climax of the play? Why is Eliza’s internal transformation more dramatic than her external one? 3) In Act IV, Liza is asking the same question about her future that Mrs. Higgins asked. What are the options available to her? How is she in some ways more limited in her choices than when she lived “in the gutter”? What parallel does Liza draw between a lady and a prostitute? How is this outcome ironic?

8 Act 4 Summarizer What can a person do to change themselves for the better? What can you do if you want to change but have many obstacles in your way?

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