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Nurjana Technologies Company Presentation. Nurjana Technologies (NT) is a small business enterprise founded in 2012 and operating in Aerospace and Defence.

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1 Nurjana Technologies Company Presentation

2 Nurjana Technologies (NT) is a small business enterprise founded in 2012 and operating in Aerospace and Defence market. The diversity of our team membership is our greatest strength. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies2 Profile Our team consists of specialists with a proven record of accomplishments and expertise as well as deep knowledge of technologies.

3 NT is located in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy), in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean sea with a spectacular combination of shores and landscapes 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies3 Profile

4 As a small business, Nurjana Technologies is agile, flexible and very responsive to emerging requirements and evolving customer needs. NT key feature is a superior performance in providing creative, responsive, and innovative solutions to his customers. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies4 Profile

5 The principals of Nurjana Technologies are committed to building one of the premier small business firm in its business area 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies5 Mission …offering cost effective products and mission critical engineering services that meet the complex and demanding requirements of test and training aerospace and defence applications

6 The Company provides specialties in integrating programs in defense and space market, providing technologies and enhanced capabilities with Customer Integrated Project Team approach. Experiences include engineering, software engineering and development management assignments serving in various contexts, in support to many important players. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies6 Business

7 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies7 Business  NT team members are highly experienced to support exercise planning and assessment, test and evaluation planning, business process improvement and requirements analysis.  Our professionals allow for concurrent testing and application to better equip test range.  NT team members carry with them an extensive background and experience across Italian Test Range and European Space Agency Missions

8 Business 26/03/20138Nurjana Technologies NT is a proven leader in successfully design of ranges and test facilities for government, military and commercial purposes. NT understands the complexity of managing highly dynamic ranges, and with our transparent enterprise management system, is able to tackle evolving schedules, provide flawless execution and safely manage a diverse set of range customers with efficiency.  Space and Test Range Operations include engineering support for range system design, modification, range configuration and range support services required to accomplish challenging and complex range activities of our customers.  NT’s expertise in these ranges and the systems required to run them provide an invaluable resource for our partners and customers and as we have grown as a business, our ability to provide rapid response to the customer’s needs remains the same.

9 Nurjana Technologies delivers high quality professional services in system of systems analysis and design, system engineering… 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies9 Business …and software development

10 Nurjana Technologies offers system-of-systems interoperability assessments and products for Real Time Control Rooms applications 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies10 Business

11 Our customers include International Agencies and word wide Commercial Partners. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies11 Customers & Partnership Nurjana is member of the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) We provide support for the main players in Test and Evaluation for Defence and Aerospace business

12  Knowledge services and methodologies o Requirements and Systems Engineering o Software Development o Professional Systems Design & Integration  Application fields o Real time mission critical processing systems o Real time graphics enhanced Working Positions for C&C Systems o Post mission data reduction systems o Integration of systems and System of Systems assessment and design 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies12 Skills & Expertise

13  NT offers complete turnkey solutions for software systems development.  Our skills & expertise span from low level software/firmware to real time and mission critical applications under different OS and RTOS environments. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies13 Services Software Development

14  Our expertise in the software domain includes: o software integration capabilities between multi-vendor COTS and in built Hardware o Management of multiple vendor solutions 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies14 Services Software Development o Integration of algorithms and APIs into the software solution o Integration of multi-layer/tier applications (drivers, middleware)

15 From customer needs and expectations to an optimum solution tailored to the requirements,.... 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies15 Services Systems Engineering.....NT offers a systems engineering expertise in designing, building and deploying customized solutions that integrate multi-vendor cots solutions enhanced by custom software and hardware/sensors architecture engineering.

16 Our System Engineering Process involves: o Requirements Analysis o System Architecture and Design o Identifying COTS products and accessories o Developing custom system software o System and software integration o Test and deployment o Training and support Services Systems Engineering 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies16

17  Systems design  Systems analysis and design processes based on the operations concepts and latest systems engineering methodologies.  Systems Integration and System of systems architectures definitions based on concurrent top-down and bottom-up approaches.  Integration in complex architectures  Specific focus on complex Test Range architectures.  Integration of systems both operations concept and measurement driven.  Integration of new systems in existent architectures through multiprotocol front-end systems.  Support to the definition of the System of Systems operations procedures, operations hierarchy and roles. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies17 Services Systems Design & Integration

18 o Acquisition of tracking data from external tracking sensors (Radars, Electro-Optical Systems) o Acquisition of Status information from Sensors o Processing of tracking data o Real time data fusion o Real time recording of tracking data 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies18 Applications RTES The NT RTES is a central processing server full real time featured dedicated to data processing, running in an integrated environment and supporting various communication protocols

19 The NT Multi Sensor Central Control Station (MSCCS) is an Integrated System designed to centralize in a single mobile unit several data processing functions specifically developed for sensors and data fusion applications. 26/03/2013Nurjana Technologies19 Applications MSCCS The MSCCS is based on an OpenGL framework integrating various HMI tools for different applications dedicated to control room operators. o Real Time Monitoring o Real Time sensor data visualization o Sensor Management o Planning o Post Mission Analysis

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