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Creating a Vibrant Future Digital Shift: Ikaroa Hui 5 July 2014 Lynley Stone The Information Workshop

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1 Creating a Vibrant Future Digital Shift: Ikaroa Hui 5 July 2014 Lynley Stone The Information Workshop

2 Creating a vibrant future for: Ourselves Our communitie s Our organisation Our profession

3 Creating a vibrant future through: Understanding change Personal responsibility Strategies to ride the wave of change Leadership development

4 You don’t have a job for life, you have a job for now. Your challenge is to make sure you do your current job well, while constantly reinventing yourself for the future.

5 WHERE ARE WE? Are we doing what we thought we’d be doing?

6 How did we get here? WE did it – Our generation – Our colleagues – Our friends – People like us We made today happen We are in the process of creating the future

7 How do we create a vibrant future? We keep doing our day job We keep up with the wider trends We try things out – sometimes detailed planning, sometimes quick and dirty We work together – colleagues, customers, consortia, funders We stay flexible

8 Reality check: Some change is outside our control Workplace restructuring Ill health Family needs

9 Locus of control Internal External

10 Circles of Control and Influence (Covey) List the things that are worrying you Which ones do you have complete control over? Deal to them Which ones do you have some influence over? Do something about them What is left? Can you live with the situation? Or is it time to walk away? CONTROL INFLUENCE CONCERN

11 SWOT Analysis Analyse the situation Strengths and weaknesses – about you Opportunities and threats – about the context Use this to identify options and make plans StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats

12 Change the message – think positive Our internal voice can drag us down How do you tell the story of what is happening? Is it a disaster, or a challenge, or an opportunity?

13 Reality check: What “vibrant future” means for a job Everybody’s jobs will change (a little, or a lot) Some people’s jobs will disappear (the job leaves you) Everybody will resign or retire at some point (you leave the job) “one door closes, another one opens”

14 Be realistic about change It’s normal to be thrown by change, even good change Things don’t always happen the way we want it Organisations need to change constantly, don’t take it personally Change happens for all sorts of reasons Sometimes it’s time to say goodbye If you get dragged down by change it mostly hurts you and those you love

15 Key strategies Give it a go – Seeing and taking new opportunities Be prepared – Gaining qualifications, training and experience Know yourself – Self knowledge and self awareness


17 Take personal responsibility for: your attitude your behavior your own learning and growing through CPD your qualifications being flexible at work being involved in things making things happen

18 Same people Same job description Different job content Different attitude

19 The outcome We have satisfied customers WHO LOVE THE LIBRARY We enable connected communities WHO USE SKILLS WE SUPPORT We ensure a library which is increasingly important to its communities WHO CONTINUE TO FUND THE LIBRARY We are flexible and confident library staff WHO HAVE JOBS THEY LOVE

20 “Embrace ambiguity” Mal Booth, UTS Librarian

21 Roles in creating a vibrant future Some people drive change Some people participate in change Some people react to change

22 You have a job and are being paid to do it to the best of your ability – Do it well – Think of ways to do it better – Look to the bigger picture We have to keep doing the job Your job needs you

23 “This is not what I signed up for”, or “Am I still a librarian?” Will I still have a job? Am I undermining the concept of “libraries” I did a library studies degree for this? Community Connection Creation

24 Every contact leave a trace A small act can transform a life One size does not fit all Tell the stories of how we change the world

25 BEING PREPARED How can we be strong and happy in the future? Build and use Strategies for your Resilience Toolkit

26 CC by Cassidyrose

27 This means… Having a can-do and positive attitude Making sure your skills are up to date and you are confident and competent Completing appropriate qualifications Getting good experience beyond your core job Understanding the big picture Developing your personal networks Doing some analysis of difficult situations and developing a Plan B

28 Learn by Reading/watching/listening Doing Playing Exploring Reflecting Discussing Observing Don’t expect to master everything. Aim for understanding ICE – Interested, curious and engaged

29 Learn how YOU learn Learning styles and learning theory When can you fit it into your life? What formats do you like? How can you make it easy on yourself?


31 Qualifications for librarians They matter – varies by sector – Undergraduate qualifications under review – Full degrees are important for professionals – Other subject and vocational qualifications Do the highest qualification you can do It may be easier to study when you are younger (but that’s no limit!)

32 LIANZA Professional Registration Likely to matter more in the future – Scheme is unlikely to fall over – Shows an attitude that some employers require and most desire – May make a difference in a review or restructure Don’t want to register? – At least make sure you have all the requirements for it in case you need it – Use the BOKs as a guide for your CPD

33 Experience beyond your job Secondments Projects Committees Professional Association committees (e.g. LIANZA Ikaroa) Personal life activities (sports coaching, event management etc) Library or other work-related study

34 Stay healthy Exercise Diet Sleep Laughter Time doing things you love



37 See yourself as a leader LIANZA has identified leadership as one of the key strategies to developing a vibrant future We need people who understand: – Leadership is not just what “the boss does” – We are all leaders in different ways – We can all make a difference

38 LIANZA Emerging Leaders Project Developing a sustainable system of identifying and developing emerging leaders within the profession many forms of leadership ability develop over time best practice skills + personal experience + self awareness provide support on this journey Everybody has the potential to be a leader in the profession 38

39 Who are Emerging Leaders? All of us are leaders: our current leaders at all levels people who are developing leadership skills people who don’t realise they are leaders yet 39

40 YOU are a leader! 40

41 Emerging Leaders Strategies Online CDP Course Resource Portal On Website Resources to define, support & develop LIANZA Emerging Leadership Programme Region & SIG ideas LIANZA Statement on Leadership 41

42 Different approaches to leadership Strategic vision Managerial control Supervision of routine activity Leading by example Project management Roles within teams Organising social activities Sharing information Having ideas and taking initiative Taking responsibility for things Being part of things 42

43 Get involved in things Volunteer, offer to help, suggest an idea, apply for places on committees and project groups, seek secondments, etc. Learn new skills See bigger picture Build personal networks Develop self confidence “Take and make opportunities” 43

44 Know yourself 44

45 See things from other people’s points of view – it’s about US not ME Do the right thing It’s not about what you want Think how can you – help your team – support your boss – give better service to your users – contribute to the strategic objectives of the organisation Analyse problems, and present solutions or strategies “the way we handle the workflow around the returns bin seems awkward to me – could we have a look at it and see if we could do it differently?” 45

46 Build and manage your relationships Build relationships across hierarchy See people as human, not positions Understand different personality and communication styles Learn to network Understand what is important to them Be open, listen, learn, share “Communicate communicate communicate” 46

47 Learn more about Leadership Read! Be part of the LIANZA Leadership Strategy and use the courses and resources we are developing Develop related skills e.g. public speaking, self assertion Talk with leaders Observe what others are doing Take leadership opportunities Reflect on your learning 47

48 Last Words Things will be different in the future Believe in yourself We have the power to change lives Take personal responsibility for being actively engaged in creating a vibrant future for ourselves, our communities, our organisations and out industry Be prepared, and never stop learning Take opportunities, and make opportunities for yourself and for others Get involved – make things happen Understand that you are a leader, and develop your leadership skills Together, let’s create a vibrant future for libraries in Aotearoa! 48 Ourselves Our communities Our organisation Our profession

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