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SEM II-1.12 Prospect for Corporate Sponsorships

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1 SEM II-1.12 Prospect for Corporate Sponsorships
Objectives: 1.Explain the importance of ongoing prospecting for corporate sponsors. 2. Factors to consider in selecting potential corporate sponsors. 3. Identify techniques for identifying potential corporate sponsors. 4. Procedures for prospecting for corporate sponsors

2 Determine your audience
Do your homework! What are current trends at both the regional and national level? How many people are involved in your event? Go outside your comfort zone!

3 Set Sponsorship Packages/Levels
Base packages/levels on the benefits to the companies. Put a price on each benefit you’ll offer and the prices into the cost of the level. Be flexible with levels, customizing levels may be beneficial to your event. Sell the brand exposure through the packages

4 Set Sponsorship Packages/Levels
Standard inclusions/items which may be included in pricing, but not limited to: Branding inside the event Press wall branding Gift bag inclusions Logos on invites Signage or banners Dinner table, hole sponsor, etc Business Name on/in Program Ads in newspapers, magazines, online with sponsor names

5 Set Sponsorship Packages/Levels
Normally set in three tiers: Platinum-top Gold-middle Silver-bottom

6 Make Contact Send emails and call potential sponsors.
Keep your pitch to 20 seconds or less. Make contact with the public relations or marketing department at the company. Always include your event/company bio and introduce yourself.

7 Give “Added Value” How will you broaden potential sponsors “reach” at your event. Will there be celebrities or other influential people attending. They are known as “tastemakers”

8 Follow Up Within a week after the event
Send a thank you in a post event package Post Event Package should include all the facts from your event: Attendance, media coverage, all the “tastemakers” that attended, etc Assurance to your sponsor that their sponsorship was worth every penny!

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