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Prospector Colorado Horizon Users Group George Machovec Associate Director Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries April 21, 2006

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1 Prospector Colorado Horizon Users Group George Machovec Associate Director Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries April 21, 2006

2 Original Project Goals To create a regional union (global) catalog for many of the major academic and public libraries in Colorado & Wyoming To allow patrons to easily request items from other participating libraries and have them delivered to a nearby local library

3 Prospector Operations Operated out of offices for Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries by consortium staff Prospector Committees –Prospector Directors annual meeting –Prospector Cataloging Reference Committee –Prospector Document Delivery Committee (circ)

4 Participating Libraries – Academic/Special CU/Boulder (III) CU/Health Sci (III) CU/Colo Springs (III) Auraria Library (III) CU/Law Library (III) CSU (III) UNC (III) DU/Penrose (III) Mesa State College (III) DU/Law (III) Colorado College (III) Fort Lewis (III) Regis Univ (III) CSM (Voyager) U of Wyo (Voyager) Colorado State Publications (III) Center for Research Libraries (III)

5 Participating Libraries - Public DPL (CARL) Jefferson County Public Library (III) Arapahoe Library District (III) Aurora Public Library (III) Boulder Public Library (III) Broomfield Public Library (III) Louisville Public Library (III) Fort Collins Public Library (III)

6 How is Prospector Built? Uses INN-Reach Union Catalog software from Innovative Interfaces Inc. Real-time updating of records from local systems Generic record concept

7 Prospector Database Size (in Millions)

8 Database Size (April 2006) Current Database 6.7 million MARC records Over 21 million item records 65.31% of records held by 1 library 12.77% of records held by 2 libraries 6.67% of records held by 3 libraries 5.13% of records held by 4 libraries 3.61% of records held by 5 libraries 6.52% of records held by 6+ libraries

9 INN-REACH Server Local System Local System Local System Local System Local System Local System Environment

10 Record Types in Prospector Bibliographic records Item records –including circulation status codes Summary serial holdings records Order records

11 How are Bib Records Added? First match point is OCLC number. Secondary match point is ISBN or ISSN combined with title key match If a match occurs the encoding level is checked (highest prevails) If match occurs and encoding levels are equal then the precedence table is checked

12 Prospector Access Prospector Staff Website: Prospector System: Prospector Borrowing/Lending Statistics atrep/report2/0//?

13 Unique Features Multi-state (Colorado/Wyoming) Multi-library type (academic, public, special) Multi-system (III/CARL/Voyager)

14 Document Ordering User is prompted for affiliation, name and library card number System checks with local OPAC to ensure their good standing User selects pick-up location (options predefined by each library) The system does load balancing to determine who gets the request (users do not select)

15 Lending/Borrowing INN-Reach Catalog Server Local System Local System Local System Local System Patron Request Item Circulated Patron Verified Request Filled Item Request Item Sent Record Contribution

16 Document Ordering Features Libraries have local control over what items can be delivered Libraries have local control over which of your patrons can borrow If local copy is checked-out or missing it may be requested through Prospector System is sensitive to multi-volume sets so particular volumes may be selected

17 Primary Circulation Policy 21 day loan period 1 renewal Holds permitted but no recalls 40 requests/check-outs per person Delivery via existing courier Overdue fines and lost book fees are set by each local library

18 Additional Circulation Policies Media. 1 week, no renewals. To support sites who want to delivery videos, CDs and other special media. 1 week, no renewals. PASCAL Journals. 1 week, no renewals.

19 Use Statistics (Last 12 Months) Over 333,000 volumes were actually delivered 86.3% fulfillment rate Most common reason for non-fulfillment is that the item was not on the shelf Turnaround 3-4 days as most libraries pull & ship daily.

20 Prospector Lends

21 Volumes delivered 1999 – 9,794 (8 libraries for 5 months) 2000 – 39,754 (12 libraries) 2001 – 71,510 (14 libraries) 2002 – 100,000 (14 libraries) 2003 – 129,712 (17 libraries) 2004 – 272,768 (21 libraries) 2005 – 333,300 (21 libraries)

22 Prospector/Swift/OCLC Returnables Source: Colorado State Library

23 Top Lenders in Prospector (by Volume) October 2004-2005

24 Top Borrowers in Prospector (by Volume) October 2004-2005

25 New Libraries added in 2006 Colorado State Publications – January 2006 University of Wyoming – April 2006

26 Adding non-III Libraries Direct programming to a proprietary API published by III –Difficult and expensive to do –We did it for DPL (CARL), CSM (Endeavor) and the Univ of Wyoming (Endeavor)

27 Adding non-III Libraries Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) –Solution being developed by III –Allows INN-Reach systems to add non- Innovative systems –Will be released in fall 2006 –Being beta tested in Michigan where over 100 non-III libraries have been added in a statewide system (including Horizon libraries)

28 Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) It is an intermediate server that sits between your Horizon system and Prospector –It batch harvests bibs, items, circ transactions and patron data (at least once per day) –It maps this data into an INN-Reach understandable format and feeds it directly into Prospector

29 Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) One DCB server can support multiple libraries on different systems –Michigan supports >100 libraries on a single server –III costs yet to be determined but based on library size and number of branches

30 Costs for Joining Prospector DCB costs from III – yet to be announced Annual membership fee (varies year-to- year) but in the $8K-9K range One-time Prospector membership fee to help offset some of the embedded costs already expended

31 Some Prospector advantages Up and running for over 7 years Professional managed by Colorado Alliance Single physical union catalog. You always search all libraries in one search Super easy and fast for your patrons You get access to all of the lendable items from the major public and academic libraries – even private schools like Regis, Colorado College and DU!

32 Some Prospector advantages Article delivery integration with your link resolver (e.g. Gold Rush or other brand) High fulfillment Fast fulfillment Uses existing courier

33 Huge Success! Prospector is a huge success with both patrons and library staff! It is playing an important role in delivering materials in a time of declining budgets It leverages and promotes inter-institutional cooperation It is being used as a tool for shared collection development and other related projects

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