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Self Esteem Human Behavior.

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1 Self Esteem Human Behavior

2 Self Esteem What is self esteem?
Self Esteem: the way we see, feel, and think about ourselves Should be based on the inner qualities of our heart, not on money, looks, etc. People who have this According to Adler, what is the above referring to?

3 Self-Esteem…What’s it made of?
Your self-esteem is made up of all the experiences and interpersonal relationships you’ve had in your life. Everyone you’ve ever met has added to or taken away from how you see yourself! Think in your head the last time someone said something that has added to your self esteem.

4 Benefits of Self-Esteem
Ability to accept criticism Fewer sleepless nights Less likely to use drugs More persistent at difficult tasks Happier Better academic performance

5 People with a high self-esteem have an “I think I can” attitude!

6 Effects of Low Self Esteem
Experience depression Engage in negative behaviors-eating disorders, bullying, smoking, etc. Avoid normal activities Partake in activities that they regret later

7 12 ways to boost self-esteem
Recognize that you are in control of your self-image Be able to accept all parts of your physical appearance Affirm your strengths List your faults

8 5. Attain legitimate accomplishments and successes 6
5. Attain legitimate accomplishments and successes 6. Be willing to accept change 7. Don’t be a perfectionist 8. Become involved with others

9 9. Take time for fun in life 10. Keep a journal 11
9. Take time for fun in life 10. Keep a journal 11. Keep a sense of humor 12. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

10 Let’s Review! Self-esteem comes from every experience of your life.
How you view yourself affects everything you do in life including the decisions you make. High self-esteem gives you a GOOD feeling about yourself. Low self-esteem distorts your view of yourself. Self-esteem can be improved!

11 Spend time with people who are accepting and supportive
Be helpful! Set realistic goals… then reach them!

12 Self Esteem Poster Use magazines to find pictures that describe what you are good at Decorate poster with 10 different pictures Add a description to each picture

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