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Unit 1: Cultural Conversations Activity 1

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1 Unit 1: Cultural Conversations Activity 1
Unit 1: Cultural Conversations Activity 1.8: Consulting with a Mentor (Text)

2 Before Reading In your SpringBoard book, answer the following question on p. 41: What do you think the word “multicultural” means?

3 What is a mentor? What do you think of when you hear the word “mentor?” After we discuss this, apply your new knowledge to the following question: What do you think a “mentor text” could be?

4 During Reading Read the interview/essay Multi-Culturalism Explained in One Word: Hapa to discover the thesis or central idea. Mark the text to locate supporting information (well-chosen, relevant details that support the thesis). Main Idea – Underline & mark with an “M” Supporting details – Underline & mark with an “SP”

5 After Reading Answer the questions at the bottom of p. 42: How does the writer contrast internal and external elements of her identity? Give examples from the text. What tone does the writer use?

6 SOAPStone Analysis On p. 43, you will find a SOAPStone graphic organizer. With your groups, fill out the organizer to the best of your ability. This is your last task of the day! Take 20 minutes to do this and we will discuss it when you are done.

7 Homework… Tear out pages At home, you will be completing your own version of the SOAPStone chart to use for Embedded Assessment #1 Use pages to guide you as you write a reflective essay explaining your cultural identity.

8 DUE DATES! Embedded Assessment #1 is an important project!
Due dates are: October 20th (B day) October 21st (A day) Feel free to bring me a rough draft before the due date and I can help you edit, or schedule a time to meet with me if you need additional help!

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